Happy Days

Season 2 Episode 18

Get a Job

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 25, 1975 on ABC

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  • The boys need some money so they look for odd jobs to earn cash. They are delighted when an attractive woman asks them to fix her fence.

    Richie, Potsie and Ralph need some money (this is not unusual) so they look for some odd jobs todo. They consider themselves very fortunate when a an attractive divorcee asks them to fix her fence for her. Glad of the work and thrilled tobe working for such a pretty woman, they daydream and generally get little work done.

    When the woman has to go out for a while, Ralp and Potsie soon get bored and end up leaving as well, which means that Richie is left to complete the job on his own. When the lady asks Richie to have dinner with her on completition of the job, all three boys get all sorts of wild ideas.

    Not a bad episode, fun to watch with quite a few laughs.
  • In this episode, Richie, Potsie and Ralph take an odd-job fixing an attractive divorcee's fence...

    Richie, Potsie and Ralph need some spending money so advertise as odd-job men. They wind up getting a job fixing the fence on an attractive divorced woman.

    Potsie and Ralph both fancy their chances with the woman, but (surprise surprise!) it is Richie who ends up getting close to her. After the average high-jinks in the first half of the story, things become bitter-sweet, as Richie and the woman get on really well as they share dinner together, but are split by the age difference.

    A nice tale, and as much as I like the Fonz, it's nice to have these earlier episodes that revolve more purely around Richie occasionally.