Happy Days

Season 4 Episode 19

Graduation (2)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 1977 on ABC

Episode Recap

The guys can barely stay awake while studying in Fonzie's apartment. Ralph says they'll never make it without no-doze pills. Richie locks Fonzie in his bathroom. They try to escape, but Fonzie is at the front door to stop them. Downstairs, Joanie pesters Howard about wanting to be able to car date. The guys come in after successfully passing the hygiene test. Fonzie comes in the back door upset that he will be receiving his diploma in the mail. Fonzie wants to be in the ceremony because he is the valedictorian of his night class (as the only one who passed). Richie and the guys go to talk to Vice-Principal Conners and Principal Haley about Fonzie. Principal Haley allows Fonzie be part of the ceremony although his diploma will still be mailed to him. Fonzie works on a valedictorian speech even though, unbeknownst to him, he won't be allowed to speak at the ceremony due to time constraints. Richie says he'll think of something. Spike drops by the Cunninghams with flowers (from the florist where he works). Fonzie comes inside wearing his blue cap and gown. Howard gave Richie a new camera for graduation. Howard takes a picture of Richie and Fonzie and accidentally pulls the film out. Al stops by, and Joanie and Spike ride with him in his catering truck to the ceremony. Before leaving, Richie reflects and says he will be a changed person once he graduates. Susie gives him a ride to the ceremony in her new Thunderbird. Howard and Marion compliment each other on the jobs they've done raising Richie before leaving. Arnold returns for the graduation. Assistant Principal Marvin Conners hosts the ceremony. The students' plan is to make the ceremony go by as fast as possible so that Fonzie can give his speech. They run through the "Pomp and Circumstance" opening song. Potsie sings the school's song very quickly. Howard finally takes a picture. Ralph gives only the punchlines to his jokes and gives out awards. Richie gives his truncated valedictorian speech. Richie introduces Fonzie as the valedictorian of the night school. Fonzie gives a speech about finishing school. Richie, then, finishes his speech because they are two minutes ahead of schedule. All of the graduates receive their diplomas including Fonzie who gets his delivered by a mailman.

Songs in this episode:

"Pomp and Circumstance Military March No. 1" by Edward Elgar (1901)

Jefferson High School song sung by Potsie

"Pomp and Circumstance Military March No. 1" by Edward Elgar (1901)