Happy Days

Season 2 Episode 11

Guess Who's Coming to Christmas

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 17, 1974 on ABC

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  • Howard want a nice family Christmas with no extras, but will it turn out that way?

    It's Christmas and the Cunninghams are all full of festive good cheer. They have a wonderful tree, a warm fire and presents galore and they are justifiably contented.

    Fonzie is going to be going out of town to spend Christmas with relatives and he wishes the family a "Merry Christmas" before supposedly heading off on his journey. So why then does Richie find him sitting alone at the garage eating cold food out of a can? When Fonzie realises he has been caught out, he makes excuses about having missed his transport but Richie isn't fooled and the Fonz ends up spending Christmas with his real family - the Cunninghams.

    This is a true 'feel good' episode and features an excellent performance by Henry Winkler. One not to be missed.
  • Fonzie won't admit that he is spending Christmas alone...

    This episode later had two wrap-arounds for it to be shown with later seasons - one with Arnold, and one with Al. The version I saw of this episode was the Al one, though shown as part of the second season.

    We get one of our rare looks at Fonzie's original appartment before he moved in over the Cunninghams' garage in the third season to bring him to the centre of the action more.

    It is very evident at this point that the writers were responding to the character being so popular and bringing him to the fore much more, as the episode revolves around him.

    It also marks the last appearance of Chuck; with the episode being re-packaged for later seasons, it stands as the only real reminded later on that Chuck existed.

    Although it's a little sweet and sappy, as it's Christmas it can be forgiven.
  • Fonzie keeps resisting the Cunningham's invitation to spend Christmas with them.

    Probably THE classic Christmas show of any TV show ever aired. It has great comedy, good sight gags, tender and real moments before the show jumped the shark.

    This episode, plus the film "A Christmas Story" (with Ralphie wanting his rifle), "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and "A Christmas Carol" (original film with Simms) are all must sees to complete the Christmas season for me.

    The Cunninghams trying to fix the broken Santa on the front lawn, and Chuck laughing at them just as Santa lets loose with a package he keeps moving back and forth are great.

    The scene in Fonzie's apartment where Fonzie says he has a tree -- to which Mr. Cunningham looks at (probably thinking it's not as good as Charlie Brown's) and says, "That's a nice tree" is excellent. Great feeling and compassion.

    Many other scenes are top notch, and who can forget Fonzie's reading of "The Night Before Christmas". MUST SEE TV.
  • Fonzie just doesn't want to admit that he has no one to spend Christmas with. Thoughout the episode, we discover that Fonzie loves Christmastime more than most.

    This is one of the best episodes of all time-not just for Happy Days, but for all of TV, specifically a Christmas episode. You don't get many 30-minute episodes (as opposed to a lengthy two-hour movie) that pack such a punch with humor, timing, writing, acting, and most of all warm-heartedness. This is definitely where Fonzie begins to shine as a character in Happy Days, and shows also his vulnerable side. This is the pivotal point for the show that also shows depth and feeling, not just humor. There is also something about this episode being more personal during this season, before it was filmed live the following season, the results may not have been the same live, then again, maybe more dramatic. This definitely belongs in the best of Happy Days.
  • One not to be missed at Christmas.

    This is one of my all-time favorite episodes in all of TV, not just from Happy Days...and probably my favorite Christmas episode to be watched. There is something very special about this episode that's hard to pin down. Part of it is that Chuck's there, so we have a rare occassion with the entire family. It's fitting that Fonzie stays for Christmas, as he becomes like a member of the family as the series moves on. Part of it is because the series was still young and finding itself, so it relies on the true spirit of Christmas. These and other elements make this a very classis Christmas episode that is a must-see during the season.

    It's too bad Fonzie's story was made up, though. I would have love to seen that Christmas Eve setting up in that big house in Waukesha!