Happy Days

Season 5 Episode 4

Hard Cover

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 1977 on ABC

Episode Recap

Richie, Joanie, Marion, and Fonzie are standing outside the front door, and Howard shoots some film with his new video camera as they walk in. The film falls out of the camera. Richie talks to Fonzie about college life and his lack of dating. He doesn't have a date to the homecoming dance the next night and refuses to take a high-school girl. Fonzie tells him he will take him to the Pfister Memorial Library to meet girls. At the library, a girl throws a book (War and Peace) at Richie. Richie sits down next to another girl and speed reads a book. The girl, Lori Beth Allen, remembers Richie from a driver's-education class. Lori Beth lives in a dorm, and Richie tells her he lives at home. Lori Beth invites him to her dorm room. Richie and Lori Beth kiss, but they only have until 10:00 p.m. Richie hears on the radio that it is 10:00, and Lori Beth says they both could be expelled if Richie is caught there. He can't leave, though, because Housemother Dunbar locks the doors at 10:00 sharp. She is tough and does bed checks of every room. A knock at the door prompts Richie to hide in the closet. Lori Beth's roommate, Christy Riggenheimer, brings Fonzie into the room. Fonzie has applied for a library card and has checked out his first book. Fonzie opens the window, but the room is too high up to jump out. Lori Beth and Christy leave to see if they can find a way for Richie and Fonzie to escape from the first floor. Richie suggests he and Fonzie put on nightgowns in order to sneak out past the housemother. Mrs. Dunbar comes in to check the room as they hide in the beds under the sheets. Potsie and Ralph show up for a panty raid. Mrs. Dunbar catches them red-handed and chases Richie, Potsie, and Ralph out of the room with a broom. Fonzie sweet talks and kisses Mrs. Dunbar before leaving via the window. Songs in this episode: "Blueberry Hill" (instrumental) by Fats Domino (1956) "It's Late" by Ricky Nelson (1959)
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