Happy Days

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 1974 on ABC

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  • Classic Halloween episode. Scary and fun.

    One of the classic Happy Days episodes. And one of the great Halloween TV episodes of all time. Richie is tasked with checking out an old house for Ralph's Halloween party.
    Sees something in the closet that freaks him out.
    His friends set up an elaborate prank to take advantage of Richie's fears.
    But a scary final twist, and Richie's triumph in the end, shows everyone who's bravest of them all.
    Episode is an all around winner.
    I never tire of watching this.
    Laughs ( Fonzie bobbing for apples, Joanie's terrified comments, Ralph's Hitchcock impersonation ), authentically spooky music and atmosphere, and a feel good ending is the reason I give this episode a 10.
  • It's Halloween and Richie isn't really looking forward to Ralph's annual party.

    Richie Cunningham likes Halloween as much as the next person but Ralph Malph's yearly parties are often not quite as much fun as they could be so Richie is less than enthusiastic about attending, even after he hears that it's being held at the old Simpson house which is allegedly haunted.

    Richie is very amused when Joannie reveals herself to be one of those who believe that the derelict old house really IS haunted and tells her not to be so silly but he has a slight change of heart when investigating the place for himself and sees what appears to be a ghost in one of the closets.

    Not the worst Halloween episode of any show, in fact, compared to some, it's quite decent. Well worth a look.
  • The first of many Hallow'een episodes, in which Richie isn't looking forward to Ralph's Hallowe'en party at the spooky old Simpson place, said to be haunted by a headless ghost, in this enjoyable episode...

    In this first of a number of Hallowe'en episodes in the series, Ralph plans a spooky party at the old Simpson place, rumoured to be haunted by the headless ghost of "Old Lady Simpson" (and I ain't talking about Marge!).

    This episode is interesting when compared to later ones, in that later on Ralph would grow into quite a coward.

    The best moment of the episode has to be when Fonzie arrives in his Hallowe'en fancy dress - a simple cowboy mask over his eyes. As cool as ever!

    The conclusion to the spooky goings on is satisfying (especially as they laid the groundwork for it earlier in the episode), and while not one of the series' absoulte classics, this makes an enjoyable episode.
  • This Episode revolves around Halloween time. Ralph decides to have the annually Halloween party at Mrs. Simpson place-a so called haunted house.

    This Episode revolves around Halloween time. Ralph decides to have the annually Halloween party at Mrs. Simpson place-a so called haunted house. Richie goes by the house and decides to go in and gets spooked by all the cow webs and the creakiness and haunted ness of the house and thinks he saw something. He gets scared and nervous about going back to the house for Ralph\'s party. Everybody he talks tells him to go to the party. He goes and finds out the house is not haunted and enjoys the party.
    In general this episode is good and a cute episode about facing fears.
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