Happy Days

Season 8 Episode 4

Hello, Roger

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 02, 1980 on ABC

Episode Recap

A "Welcome Roger" banner hangs in the Cunningham living room as Marion strings up some streamers. The phone rings, and Roger is on the other end. He tells Marion that he won't be able to make it to the house until later that night. Potsie enters saying that he left school early to meet Marion's nephew. Howard comes in asking if Roger has arrived. He left the hardware store, full of customers, in the hands of Wong the laundry man. Fonzie comes in asking where Marion's nephew is. She tells everyone that Roger's plane was delayed, so he had to go straight to his new job. Marion has prepared a cowboys-and-indians cake for Roger and says that he liked it the last time she did it - 19 years ago. Marion says that Roger will stay in Richie's room until he gets a place of his own. She asks Fonzie if he can be Roger's friend and show him around.

At Jefferson High, Roger Phillips comes in and introduces himself to a student as the new basketball coach. Eugene Belvin welcomes Roger to Jefferson. Bobby tells Roger that he can use a locker labeled "FONZARELLI." Bobby says that Mr. Fonzarelli went back to Italy to grow grapes. He says Roger can just throw away all of the stuff left in the locker. As he starts cleaning it out, Fonzie walks over and confronts Roger. Roger apologizes and starts pulling Fonzie's things out of the trash container. Roger says that, after looking over the schedules of some of his players, he's going to have to ask some of them to drop auto shop. Roger says that his star player, a kid named Chachi, can only come to half of the team's practices because his Neanderthal cousin won't let him off work. Fonzie rips the door off of his locker, and Roger guesses that Fonzie is Chachi's cousin. Roger says that his day isn't going well and mentions that, because his rental car had no brakes, he crashed into a motorcycle in the school parking lot. Fonzie cringes and asks Roger what time and place he'd like to rumble. Fonzie tells Roger to be at the ball field the next morning and to bring a nurse.

At the house, Fonzie comes in and asks Howard if a teacher can be fired for punching another teacher. Marion says that her nephew is coming and that they'll help solve Fonzie's problems later. Fonzie asks for some animal crackers and milk to help him unwind. Joanie and Jenny come down the stairs singing "Louie, Louie." Joanie tells Marion that they're going to Jenny's house. Joanie opens the door, and Roger is standing there. After a brief reunion, Joanie and Jenny leave. Howard and Marion greet Roger. Roger tells them about a psychotic he met at school. Marion calls Fonzie into the living room to meet Roger, and, as soon as he sees him, Fonzie turns right back around.

Roger, again, tries to explain to Fonzie the circumstances surrounding everything that's happened, but Fonzie is still furious. Marion tells them to apologize to each other. Fonzie says the whole thing was his f-f-f- [fault] and that he's s-s-s- [sorry]. Marion asks Fonzie to get Roger a date, and Fonzie says he'll set Roger up with Lucille.

At Arnold's, Fonzie comes in, and Al has reserved him a table for the double date with Roger. Roger comes in with Lucille who is talking his ear off. Lucille is holding a trophy she received for winning an arm-wrestling championship. Fonzie introduces Al to Roger and then his date (Lucille's sister), Adrian, to Al. Lucille says she has a chance to become a professional mud wrestler. Spider, Lucille's ex-boyfriend, comes in asking who the clown is she's with. Spider threatens Roger until Fonzie steps in. Roger tells Fonzie that he can handle Spider. Fonzie says that he told Marion he'd take care of Roger to which Roger says that it's none of his business. Fonzie says he washes his hands of the whole thing, and Roger and Spider go into the men's room to settle their dispute. Spider comes out and leaves with Lucille.

Later on, Al gives Roger an ice pack. Roger tells Fonzie why he came to Milwaukee. He says he was drafted by the Lakers but was cut two days later because the other guys were better than he was. The day he was cut, his girlfriend of nine years left him to marry his best friend. Roger says that Fonzie was the one guy that could have helped him get adjusted in Milwaukee, but he has alienated him. Fonzie says that Roger just made him angry. Fonzie offers to go on another double date with Roger and says he'll get him a real person this time. Fonzie tells Roger that he's all right in his book.

At the house, Roger thanks Fonzie for offering to help him find an apartment.

Songs in this episode:

"Louie, Louie" (briefly sung by Jenny and Joanie) by Richard Berry & The Pharaohs (1957)

"Monkey Time" by Major Lance (1963)

"Walk Right In" by The Rooftop Singers (1963)