Happy Days

Season 3 Episode 8

Howard's 45th Fiasco

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 1975 on ABC

Episode Recap

It's Howard's birthday, and he says that he is 43 years old. Marion says he is 45. He was 31 when Joanie was born and Joanie is now 14, so he is 45. Joanie leaves for school, and Richie and Marion try to convince Howard that 45 isn't that old. Howard realizes that he's never done anything very exciting in his life. He goes to work, brings home ice cream from Arnold's, and the family sits him down in his chair. The family presents Howard with "This is Your Life." His "best friend," Potsie, is introduced. Next, his third grade teacher, Miss Florence Prism comes out to see Howard. Ralph Malph stands in and does the voice of Howard's bandmaster, Wilhelm Schmidt. Howard dresses up in his old band uniform and plays the tuba. Florence leaves to watch Have Gun, Will Travel. The former Marion Kelp comes out next while Potsie sings. "All the way from upstairs," Fonzie is introduced next and reads a speech written for him. Next, Richie reads a listing of things Howard almost did. Howard thinks his life is not worth looking back at and says he's going upstairs to take a bath followed by a trip to Tahiti. Richie comes home from helping Howard at the store. Howard is nowhere to be found. Fonzie comes in to borrow a can of beans. He realizes Howard has been hiding out in his apartment when he finds some phone messages left for him. Howard is waiting for a phone call from the airline because all of the flights to Tahiti are booked. Fonzie makes up a story about what the family would do when Howard leaves: Richie would sell Cunningham's Hardware, Marion would go back to school to study archaeology, and Joanie would quit school in two years to get married. The airline calls to inform Howard of a cancellation, but he turns it down. Howard tells Richie what he is thankful for as Richie falls asleep on the couch, and Marion overhears him. Fonzie talks to the airline lady on the phone.
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