Happy Days

Season 3 Episode 8

Howard's 45th Fiasco

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 1975 on ABC

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  • Howard is feeling depressed because it's his 45th birthday and he feels like he hasn't really achieved anything in his life.

    Poor old Howard has a case of the blues. It's his 45th birthday and when he examines his life, he feels like there hasn't been much in the way of achievement to boast about.

    Sensing Howard's glumness, the family rally around and try and cheer him up by doing a Cunningham version of "This Is Your Life" but the whole thing falls completely flat and Howard feels even worse than he did before. In fact, he feels so low that he considers running away to, of all places, Tahiti in order to put some spark back into his life. Needless to say, nobody thinks this is a very good idea and Fonzie sits him down for a heart to heart.

    Pretty dull as far as episodes go overall, but the conversation between Howard and Fonzie makes up for it somewhat.
  • It is Howard's birthday but he is down about it, feeling he hasn't achieved very much in his life. Everyone decides to make a 'This Is Your Life'-style show, but it makes him even more depressed, and he considers running off to Tahiti...

    This is a fair episode, but not really likely to make it to anyone's Top 10 episodes list. Even so, it is good to see Howard get an episode of his own.

    This isn't really a bad episode, I just didn't find it as funny or as grabbing as some others from the period. Almost like it was devised to bump up the season's episode number a bit.

    The scene between Fonzie and Howard is without a doubt the best of the episode, and is well acted by both Tom Bosley and Henry Winkler.

    All-in-all, a fair but average installment.