Happy Days

Season 9 Episode 8

Just a Piccalo

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 24, 1981 on ABC

Episode Recap

At Arnold's, Al comes out of the kitchen and gives a flower to each of the ladies. He tells Joanie and Jenny that he thought it would give the place a little class. Jenny says they're plastic, and Al says that Clarence made them from old lawn furniture. He goes back into the kitchen as two girls come in. Jenny says they're the president and vice-president of the Rondells. Joanie tells Jenny not to get her started again saying that she's already turned them down. Jenny says they've got a great club that hangs out with cute guys. Joanie says she's very happy with Chachi. Jenny says she thought Joanie was her friend and tells Joanie to join the Rondells. She says they don't want her, but she figures that Joanie can tell them she'll join only if they take Jenny. Joanie asks why Jenny wants to join a club that thinks she's garbage. Jenny says it's good that they have standards. Joanie finally agrees to do Jenny the favor after Jenny tells her that she hangs around at the YMCA. She calls the Rondells over and says she'd be happy to join but only if Jenny can join too. They agree but say they must each complete a pledge assignment. They give Joanie a simple task (find a Milwaukee phone directory) and Jenny a hard one (memorize every number in the directory).

At the Cunningham house, Joanie quizzes Jenny on some of the numbers. She gets them all right. Howard comes down and has to call a restaurant he and Marion are going to to say they'll be late. Jenny, off the top of her head, tells Howard the number. Marion comes down the stairs saying she's ready. As Howard and Marion go out the door, the Rondells come in. They ask Joanie and Jenny if they're ready to fulfill their assignments. Joanie hands over the phone book and is officially a Rondell. They quiz Jenny every name in the book, and she gets them all right. One of the girls congratulates Jenny on completing the first part of her assignment. The second part is to take the statue of General Pfister out of Pfister Park and bring it to their clubhouse. The Rondells leave. Jenny is willing to do it because she really wants to be a member of the Rondells. She asks Joanie to help her. Fonzie comes in showing off his new genuine Eskimo mukluks he received from Richie. He says they're not comfortable, they stink, they make his feet itch, and they're hard to get on. He's wearing them because Richie went to great lengths to get them. Fonzie calls in Al who's wearing a pair of snowshoes he got from Richie. Al leaves, and Fonzie continues his story by making a speech about what a real friend is. Fonzie leaves and tells Al to either take off the shoes or let him drive. Joanie asks Jenny what time she wants to steal the statue.

At Pfister Park, Joanie and Jenny sneak up from behind the statue. They read the inscription on the pedestal and learn that General Pfister was three feet, eleven inches tall and died when he couldn't pull himself out of a foxhole. Joanie uses a crowbar to pry the statue from the pedestal, and it falls to the ground. She says the general's lost his head. A guard is about to walk by, so Joanie hides while Jenny gets up on the pedestal in place of the statue. The guard, Officer Kirk, measures Jenny and asks where the statue is. Joanie comes out of the bushes holding the statue's head. Kirk charges them both with a 121 - defacing a public midget.

Kirk leaves to call the station and tells the girls not to try to make a break for it. Jenny tells Joanie that her father will die when he finds out what she did. She says he's a sweet, fragile man who thinks she's perfect. She asks Joanie to take full blame for the incident and say that Jenny was there to try to talk her out of it. Kirk comes back and Jenny tells him the story. Joanie, reluctantly, goes along with it.

At the house, Chachi says it isn't like Joanie to stand him up. Marion is worried something may have happened. Kirk comes in with Joanie and Jenny. He tells Howard that Joanie was caught trying to steal the statue of General Pfister. They don't believe it. Kirk leaves Joanie in Howard and Marion's custody but says they'll have to appear in court. He says he'll be proud to give Jenny, who tried to talk Joanie out of it, an escort home. Jenny apologizes to Joanie. She and Kirk leave. Howard tells Joanie that he doesn't believe the incident happened the way Kirk said it did. Joanie says she did it, but they don't buy it. She can't look Howard in the eye and lie, so she confesses that Jenny is the one who wanted to take the statue. She says she took the blame to protect Jenny's father. Howard says he's not going to stand by and have Joanie take the blame for something she didn't do. He says he's going to have it out with the Piccalos.

The next night, Howard, Marion, and Joanie wait for the Piccalos to arrive. Howard answers the door, and it's Jenny's father, Roscoe. He cracks a few jokes. Jenny comes in, and Roscoe cracks a few more jokes. Howard tells Roscoe that Joanie was accused of stealing. Jenny tells Roscoe that she stole the statue and that Joanie covered up for her. Jenny says she's wasn't being a good friend by even asking Joanie to do something like that. She apologizes to Joanie and to her father. Roscoe is upset that Jenny didn't come to him earlier. Howard suggests they go to the police station to straighten everything out and, then, go to dinner.

Joanie and Jenny come back to the house after picking up garbage at Pfister Park. Jenny offers to buy Joanie a soda at Arnold's. She tells Joanie about a classier club they can join where all they have to do is run the principal's pants up the flag pole with him in them. Jenny walks out the door thinking Joanie is following her, but Joanie stays inside, closes the door, and locks it.

Songs in this episode:

"Locomotion" by Little Eva (1962)

"It's My Party" (instrumental) by Lesley Gore (1963)

"Sonny Boy" (sung by Jenny and her father)