Happy Days

Season 6 Episode 6

Kid Stuff

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 10, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap

Potsie and Ralph are boycotting Al because of his low pay for their music. Richie comes in and asks them to try negotiating some more. Fonzie comes in with his girlfriend Peggy's son, Bobby. Peggy Clark comes in, kisses Fonzie, and meets Richie. Fonzie says he will take them to an amusement park that night. At the house, Marion and Howard return from an auction where Marion bought a rather ugly-looking lamp. Joanie hears from Jenny Piccalo that Fonzie is secretly married and has a son. Fonzie comes in, and they talk about the "secret." Fonzie says Peggy's husband went out for ice cream two years ago and never came back. Fonzie asks Howard and Marion for advice on how to answer Bobby's question about where babies come from. Fonzie says he'll make Bobby some popcorn every time he asks. Bobby and Fonzie eat popcorn and play with a toy bridge Erector set. Fonzie pretends to be a boat. Fonzie tells Bobby that his father also ran out on him when he was a little tyke and that he has never missed him. Later, Peggy comes to Fonzie's place and tells him that she and her husband, Robert, are getting back together. She says he's changed since he ran out on her and Bobby. Fonzie gives her the Fonzarelli Seal of Approval. Peggy says that Fonzie can't see Bobby anymore. Fonzie shows Peggy a drawing that he posed for that Bobby drew. Peggy says Bobby needs to have his real father. Richie shows Howard and Marion his new fake mustache. Fonzie tells everybody that Bobby ran away. Bobby is outside at the kitchen door. Fonzie calls Peggy to tell her that he has Bobby. Howard and Richie talk to Bobby about Robert and tell him to give his father a chance. Fonzie leaves with Bobby as Marion talks about As the World Turns and how she thinks she saw a story like this on the show. At Fonzie's apartment, Richie tells Fonzie that he thinks he is trying to get back at his father who ran out on him like Bobby's father did. Fonzie meets Robert at Arnold's, but Bobby doesn't want to leave with his father. Fonzie argues with Robert and tries to pick a fight with him (really just an act). After Fonzie cowardly backs down, Bobby says he doesn't want to see him anymore and goes with his father to the park. Robert mouths "thank you" to Fonzie for taking the dive. Richie and Fonzie leave and go bowling with Ralph and Potsie. Richie, Potsie, and Ralph continue their rally to boycott Al, so Al comes out and plays his ukulele.

Songs in this episode:

"Yakety Yak" by The Coasters (1958)

"The Great Pretender" by The Platters (1954)

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