Happy Days

Season 10 Episode 15

Life Is More Important Than Show Business

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 25, 1983 on ABC

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  • Fonzie arranges a record deal for Joanie and Chachi and the band. This episode really shows how much better the tenth season would have been had the Joanie Loves Chachi spin-off never happened.

    This is one of the better episodes in the 10th season - if only because it has Joanie and Chachi back, and the rest of the band makes it interesting as well. Jenny chasing after the clueless Bingo played by Robert Pierce was great, and it was one of the few episodes with any interaction between Joanie and K.C. I have a complete episode recap - but I don't have enough points to post it yet, so I will have to skim over the various sub-plots here that make up for the slow points in the episode:

    Fonzie fixes up Arnold with swedish masseuse Ingrid and Arnold's telling of it is hilarious - "she says she's going to make me taller" on their next date. The welcome return of Arnold was never used better than it was in this episode.

    Howard argues with Marion about the replacing the kitchen linoleum, and decides to do it himself to save money (which it doesn't). Fonzie ends up helping Howard by getting rid of a "bubble" in the middle of the floor - unknown to him it is actually Howard's watch.