Happy Days

Season 9 Episode 5

Little Baby Cunningham

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 1981 on ABC

Episode Recap

At the Cunningham house, Marion practices putting a diaper on a baby doll. She has Howard do it, as well, because he may be babysitting his grandchild on his own someday. The doorbell rings, and Joanie comes down the stairs to answer it. It's Chachi. They immediately kiss and leave shortly thereafter. Lori Beth comes down and tells Howard and Marion how her doctor appointment went. She says the baby's healthy, and she and the baby are gaining a lot of weight. She tells them about a new childbirth method called natural childbirth. The husband coaches the wife in different breathing techniques, and the wife goes through labor without a lot of pain. Marion talks about giving birth to Richie and Joanie and how they put a gas mask on her. When she woke up, there was the baby. Fonzie comes in and feels the baby kicking inside of Lori Beth. Marion tells Howard to come upstairs with her so that she can show him how to feed the baby. Since Richie can't be there, Lori Beth asks Fonzie to play the role of the husband for the childbirth process. Fonzie is happy to oblige. Lori Beth says that the first class is Tuesday night.

At the class on natural childbirth, Patti Downes, a registered nurse, introduces herself as the instructor. She has everyone introduce themselves. A few couples introduce themselves before Fonzie. He introduces himself as "Arthur Fonzarelli" and Lori Beth as "Lori Beth Cunningham." This draws some concerned looks from the other couples especially when he says that Lori Beth isn't his wife but that she is married to his best friend. Lori Beth clears everything up. Patti explains what natural childbirth is. When she says that the coaches will be in the delivery room, Fonzie is alarmed and asks Lori Beth if she knew about this. Lori Beth says that it isn't so bad and that she and Richie are counting on him to be there. Patti offers to show Fonzie some slides to show that he's making a big deal over nothing. Fonzie becomes faint and goes to the window to get some air. When Patti comes to the point where the umbilical cord is cut, Fonzie screams, covers his eyes, and leaves the room.

At Arnold's, Roger and Jenny come in. Roger tells her to stop following him. Fonzie comes in asking where Lori Beth is, and Jenny points him toward her table. Fonzie tells Lori Beth that he needs to talk to her, and she tells him that the last class is the next night. Fonzie pulls Roger aside and tells him that he doesn't want to be in the delivery room with Lori Beth. He says he'll fall flat on the floor once the head of the baby comes out. He says he'll talk to Lori Beth as soon as he gets the courage. He goes into his office without giving Roger a chance to say anything to him. Jenny leaves to go to the tattoo parlor. Al comes out of the kitchen wearing a helmet and holding a baseball bat. Lori Beth starts moaning and says she's been having little contractions all night. It's two weeks early, but she thinks this is it. Roger becomes hysterical, so Al slaps him several times in the face. Fonzie comes out of his office, and Al and Roger, in unison, tell him that Lori Beth is having the baby now. Fonzie asks what they're going to do now. Lori Beth suggests taking her to the hospital. Al and Roger escort her out while Fonzie sits in a chair doing the breathing exercises.

A nurse wheels Lori Beth into her room, and a man wheels Fonzie in. Lori Beth says he'll be all right. Later, the nurse tells Fonzie that Lori Beth's contractions are ten minutes apart and that the doctor will be there in plenty of time. The nurse leaves to try to catch a loon in a baseball helmet (Al) who's running up and down the hall. As soon as she leaves, Fonzie yells "nurse!" She comes running in, and he says he just wanted to see how long it would take her to get back in there. She slaps his hand. Al runs by the room followed by the nurse.

Howard, Marion, Joanie, and Chachi are at the receptionist's desk, and Howard asks if Lori Beth Cunningham is there. The receptionist says she was admitted about an hour ago and hasn't had the baby yet.

In the room, Fonzie and Lori Beth do the breathing exercises. Lori Beth says the breathing isn't working anymore and that she wants to push. She calls Dr. Crane in. He checks her out and says that the baby is in position and that, in just a little while, she'll be holding a little baby.

In the waiting area, Howard and Roger (along with a couple of other men) nervously pace while Joanie and Chachi sit next to a giant plush bear. Referring to the bear, Howard asks why they couldn't have left Mighty Joe Young in the car. Howard says he has no place to sit. Marion blows a whistle and motions Howard to come over to her. He sits down and says the hardest thing about having a baby is the waiting. He says the days Richie and Joanie were born were the two most wonderful moments of his life. Marion says they're going to be grandparents and asks where all the time went. He says he doesn't know, but he's glad he spent it with her.

In Lori Beth's room, the nurse tells Fonzie to put on a gown and mask as Lori Beth is wheeled out. She asks Fonzie where he is, and he's worried that he's going to faint. She yells out that she needs him, so he gathers his courage and goes to the delivery room. In the delivery room, Fonzie coaches Lori Beth to take a breath and push. The doctor tells her that it's time for another push, but she says she's too tired. With the help of Fonzie, she manages one last push. It's a boy. The doctor gives the baby to Fonzie, and he sings to it. He gives the baby to Lori Beth.

In the waiting room, Fonzie comes out and tells everyone that it's a boy. He doesn't know the name.

At the house, Lori Beth says it's been three days, and she hasn't heard from Richie yet. Marion says he's out on maneuvers. Chachi asks how Fonzie did. She said he had a shaky start but really came through for her. Howard suggests they all go upstairs to look at his grandson. He says he'll change the baby's diapers and show them the famous Howie Wrap. Fonzie stays behind to get a pair of baby leather booties. The phone rings, and Fonzie congratulates Richie. He says Richie gave him one of the highlights of his life. He faints after starting to mention something about when he saw the head coming through.