Happy Days

Season 11 Episode 19

Low Notes

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jul 05, 1984 on ABC

Episode Recap

Joanie is wondering why Howard is on the phone all of the time, and he tells her that he is trying to get tickets to a very important football game. Potsie comes in and says that he has very good news. He tells Howard that he sold all of the power drills, and Howard asks how he did it. Potsie says that he sold them for $6.95 apiece. Howard isn't very happy about it because he paid $20 apiece for them. Chachi comes in. Potsie asks Chachi to pay his share of the rent, and Chachi says that he hasn't got the money. Potsie leaves. Chachi tells Joanie about how his songs keep getting rejected and how he woke up at 3:00 PM that day. Chachi tries to borrow $20 from Joanie, but she doesn't give it to him. Marion gives Chachi some money, and then Chachi leaves the house. Fonzie comes in holding two tickets. They were not the right tickets that Howard was looking for. Joanie tells Marion that she shouldn't have loaned the money to Chachi, and when Fonzie hears this, he says that Chachi is going to be dead.

Fonzie arrives at Arnold's and goes to the table where Chachi is sitting. Fonzie offers Chachi a job at Arnold's, but Chachi refuses to take it because he is a musician. Chachi leaves Arnold's.

Chachi arrives at the Jean Kelly Academy of Dance and asks Jean about the job she was advertising in the newspaper. Jean says that she no longer needs a musician because playing records would be much cheaper. Jean asks Chachi if he can dance, and he replies that he can. Jean tests Chachi with different kinds of dances, and she hires him as a dance instructor. Chachi teaches the elderly-women class.

Howard is still looking for tickets to the Packers game. Potsie comes in and tells Howard that he wants to quit because he can't live on $5.00 a week (the result of his selling the drills at reduced prices). He gives Howard his work coat and takes his Cunningham Hardware discount card from his wallet. Howard sees that he has two Packers tickets. Howard promises to give Potsie his $5.00 raise and his salary back as well as a lunch break if he can go to the game with Potsie. Potsie agrees. When Potsie is about to leave, Chachi comes in and pays him his part of the rent. Chachi pays off his loan to Marion, pays Howard for a steak he once dropped, and when Joanie comes in, he gives her a dollar. Chachi tells everybody that he is a musical entertainer. Joanie runs out to tell Fonzie about it. Chachi is just about to leave when Fonzie comes in with Joanie. He says that he is very proud of Chachi. Chachi says that he sold a song to the Four Seasons to cover the fact that he is a dance instructor. Chachi leaves the house. Fonzie says to the others that Chachi is lying.

Chachi is teaching his class when Fonzie shows up. Chachi still tries keep up his lie, but Fonzie tells him to stop. Chachi tells him what he really is doing, and Fonzie says that there is nothing to be ashamed of. Chachi asks about the job at Arnold's, and Fonzie gives it to him. Fonzie and Chachi are about to leave when one of the students asks Chachi if he's going to finish her lesson. Fonzie says that he can finish it and that Chachi could go home. Fonzie dances with the woman.

Howard and Potsie arrive at Arnold's, and Potsie has some bruises. Chachi asks Howard if they went to a fight or the football game, and Howard explains to Chachi that Potsie shouldn't have been cheering for the Bears when he was sitting next to the Packers players' families. One of the Green Bay players comes into Arnold's and tells Potsie that the team bus is outside and that the players would like to have a chat with him. Potsie and the player leave.

Songs in this episode:

replacement instrumental

"One Fine Day" (instrumental) by The Chiffons (1963)

an unknown instrumental (heard twice)

"In The Mood" by Ernie Mills (1959) (heard twice)

an unknown instrumental used for the cha-cha

an unknown instrumental used for the tango