Happy Days

Season 6 Episode 21

Marion: Fairy Godmother

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 13, 1979 on ABC

Episode Recap

Potsie and the band (including Leather) play "Little Girl" at Arnold's. Al is in a hurry to close the restaurant because he has a date (with a school teacher named Evelyn). Chachi asks Richie if he can borrow his car to take two girls to Inspiration Point. He says he can't. Al asks Richie to lock up. Joanie and Smitee leave to go see the Big Dipper. Richie, Lori Beth, Potsie, and Jennifer leave to get some Chinese food. Ralph is dateless, so Richie asks him to lock up. Fonzie walks into Arnold's. Ralph says girls only go out with him for laughs, and no one takes him seriously. Fonzie suggests that Ralph drop the jokes cold turkey. Later, Ralph and Leather are alone at Arnold's. They talk about their dating problems. In most cases, by the time Leather's finished playing, everyone has already paired off. Ralph asks her to the military ball at the college the next week, and she accepts. At the Cunningham house, Howard and Marion play Scrabble, and Marion wins. Leather comes in. Howard goes to watch Jack Parr on television. Leather wants to talk to Marion, so Howard goes upstairs. Leather wants to become more lady-like. Marion says she should stay in their guest room for one week. Marion and Joanie help her practice being a woman: how to walk with heels, drink properly, balance a book on her head, etc. Just before the dance, Leather breaks a heel. Richie searches for his gold emblems, and Joanie searches for a hammer to fix the shoe. The serious Ralph Malph arrives at the house. Richie's still running around frantically looking for things. Leather comes downstairs, and Ralph tells her she looks beautiful. Ralph and Leather arrive at the military ball. There is a fly in an ice cube in the punch, and the gang thinks Ralph put it there. During the walk through the crossed-swords line, Richie and Lori Beth tickle the guards. Balloons fall from the ceiling, and everyone pokes at them with their swords except Ralph. At the house, Howard and Marion play gin rummy, and Marion wins. Ralph and Leather return to the house and say they should be themselves the next time they go out. They kiss goodbye. Joanie returns home from her date with Smittee. Marion beats Howard at Chinese checkers.

Songs in this episode:

"Hey Little Girl" (played by the band with Leather) by Dee Clark (1959)

"Personality" (instrumental) by Lloyd Price (1959)

"Sealed With A Kiss" (instrumental version played by the band at the party) by Brian Hyland (1962)

an unknown instrumental (played by the band at the party)

an unknown instrumental (played by the band at the party)