Happy Days

Season 7 Episode 4

Marion Goes to Jail

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 1979 on ABC

Episode Recap

Howard is practicing his golf putting as Richie calls the play-by-play (Richie is studying broadcasting in journalism). Howard misses the putt by a great distance. Marion comes in frantically and says that the car has been stolen. She says she came out of a store, and the car was gone. She took a cab home. She goes to call the police. Later, Officer Kirk arrives at the door and asks Howard if he is missing a '49 DeSoto. Kirk immediately suspects Fonzie is the culprit. He takes them to where the car was found. At Arnold's, Al looks at the car as it sits halfway through the wall. The family comes in. Al says he didn't see any thieves. Fonzie arrives on the scene after he received a call on his tow truck for a '49 DeSoto. Kirk walks in and says that the emergency brake had not been set, and the car had just rolled down the hill. Marion is ticketed for vehicular negligence, failure to obey safety regulations, exceeding the speed limit, destruction of public property, and going through a red light. Kirk says he will see her in court. Richie and Joanie leave. Howard yells at Marion and storms out. Marion says she didn't do it on purpose. The next morning, Marion leaves a note saying that she isn't speaking to Howard and is going to court to take full responsibility for the matter. It also says that Joanie's french toast and Richie's blueberry pancakes are in the oven and that Howard can make his own breakfast. Chachi arrives as he will caddy for Howard who wants to golf even though it may snow. At Arnold's, Richie calls the county office on the phone looking for Marion but has no luck. The wall has yet to be fixed, so everyone is wearing their coats. Ralph and Potsie are hired by Al to fix the hole. Marion calls Fonzie at Arnold's and wants him to tell Richie and Joanie that she is in jail. Marion (inmate number 63475) introduces the matron, Gloria, to Joanie, Richie, and Fonzie. Marion had the option of five days in jail or a $50 fine. She chose jail because she wants to prove to Howard that she is not incompetent and irresponsible. Fonzie goes to talk to the warden. Ralph and Potsie pay a visit. They had been repairing the wall at Arnold's. Marion asks about Howard. Richie says he's golfing and doesn't know Marion is in jail. Marion's visiting time is up. Howard, with Chachi, returns to the house with a trophy. He was the winner by forfeit as no one else showed up because of the cold and impending snow. Richie and Joanie tell Howard that Marion is in jail. Fonzie and Marion have a talk at the jail. Marion says she hates it there and wants to go home. Howard arrives. He says he wants to talk to Marion alone and asks Fonzie to wait outside with Richie and Joanie. He tells Marion that he lost his temper and was wrong. Howard and Marion kiss and set off the alarm. Back at the house, Howard and Marion have Chinese food, and Fonzie gives Howard a bill for $7.50 for the emergency brake that he told him to check three months ago.

Songs in this episode:

"Who Put The Bomp" by Barry Mann (1961)

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