Happy Days

Season 5 Episode 17

Marion's Misgivings

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap

Potsie sings a song at Arnold's with the band playing. Chachi is the band's new drummer. Richie announces that Leather and the Suedes will be up next. Marion and Howard walk into Arnold's, and they argue about Wally Moss (47 years old) divorcing Corrine after he dumped her for a younger woman (23 years old). Marion accuses Howard of staring at Wally's new girl. Leather Tuscadero and the Suedes perform with the band. Howard tells Marion that the band is terrific, and Marion walks out in a storm. The next morning, Marion serves some burned toast and lumpy oatmeal to Howard and Richie. Richie leaves. Howard tells Marion that he needs to stop at Hern's Hardware Supply to pick up a case of sledgehammers, and Marion ignores him. He gives her a kiss before leaving. Marion gives Joanie her math book from the refrigerator and asks Joanie if she thinks she is over the hill. She asks the same about Howard. Joanie says Howard is not over the hill because he is still one of the guys. Joanie leaves for school. Marion says she can be a young chick. In a dream sequence, Howard is one of the UWM guys at Arnold's, and he dances with Leather. Fonzie says that he has finally met his match, in terms of getting girls, in "Howie." An old Marion comes in, and Howard calls her his mother. Joanie gives Howie the Biggest Hunk of the Year trophy. Marion awakens from the dream and chats with Fonzie who is there for some coffee. Fonzie says she is not old and suggests she try something different. Fonzie mentions the Arabian Knight Shahrazad. That night, Howard returns home to find the furniture missing, and "Fatima" (Marion) comes downstairs in an Arabian princess outfit. She feeds him and soon becomes upset, once again, when he doesn't respond favorably. While on the phone, Howard tells her not to bother him because it is an important call. She puts his hand in the Cous Cous. In the kitchen (where all the furniture is), they talk, and Howard says he is very happily married to her and would never leave her for a younger woman. Richie and Joanie come in, see Howard and Marion kissing, and go right back out. Howard and Marion go upstairs to be alone.

Songs in this episode:

"Wild One" (played by the band) by Bobby Rydell (1960)

"I May Be Too Young" (sung by Leather and the Suedes) by Suzi Quatro (1975)

"Splish Splash" by Bobby Darin (1958)

"Are You Lonesome Tonight" by Elvis Presley (1960)
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