Happy Days

Season 6 Episode 20

Married Strangers

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 06, 1979 on ABC

Episode Recap

Joanie finishes painting a "Happy 23rd" sign that Richie helps pin on the front door. Howard and Marion are upset at each other after they took a test in a magazine and rated each other "okay" or "average." Fonzie comes in and holds a conference with Howard and Marion and says they are forgetting about their anniversary. Richie, Fonzie, and Joanie are sending them on their second honeymoon - a weekend at the Holiday Shores Lodge where they spent their first honeymoon. Joanie has changed Marion's hair appointment to Tuesday. Howard says it is a 55-mile trip to Lake Geneva, and the DeSoto has to be tuned up. Fonzie has already taken care of it. Howard and Marion leave for the lodge arguing about what the room number was. They arrive at the room, but it has changed since their first visit. They try to make everything in the room the same as it was 23 years ago. They, also, try to do everything they did during their first visit. Howard orders a bottle of champagne, and Marion wants them to recreate the scenario in which they drank the champagne on their first honeymoon. They go to the Blue Lagoon Room and ask a man if he could move to another table so that Howard and Marion could sit at their old table. The man refuses to move because he's waiting for a woman that's not his wife, and he needs to have a clear view of the door in the event that his wife walks in. Howard and Marion sit at the piano bar to hear Danny Cotter (the son of the man who originally played there). Marion asks him if he remembers "Moonlight In Vermont," and Howard gives him a tip to play it. He plays "Moonlight Becomes You," "Moon Over Miami," and "Blue Moon" while trying to figure out "Moonlight In Vermont." They order two stingrays. Howard raises his voice to Marion for wanting every little thing to be exactly the same as it was 23 years ago. Marion leaves to go up to the room. The piano player finally gets the song right. The woman that was supposed to meet the married man talks to Howard. She asks Howard if he'd like to buy her a drink. Howard dances with the woman. Back at the room, the waiter/bellhop/bartender (named Otto) delivers room service to Marion and dances with her after she pays him $5.00. Howard comes in, and Otto leaves. Marion is upset that she is just average. Howard says they're both a couple of C's. They are Mr. and Mrs. "C." Even though they're C's separately, together they're an "A." They sit on the twin beds that have been pushed together, and Howard falls between them. Back in Milwaukee, a broken pipe at Arnold's has turned the Cunningham house into "Arnold's Annex." Howard and Marion return home to find music and dancing. The band plays "Moonlight in Vermont," and everybody dances. Richie and Joanie tell their parents that they love them. Howard and Marion haven't eaten, but Al is about to leave on a late date with a woman (the same woman Howard danced with at the lodge).

Songs in this episode:

"Mona Lisa" (played by the pianist) by Nat King Cole (1955)

"Moonlight Becomes You" (played by the pianist) by Bing Crosby (1943)

"Moon Over Miami" (played by the pianist) by Betty Grable (1941)

"Blue Moon" (played by the pianist) by Coleman Hawkins (1934)

"Moonlight In Vermont" (played by the pianist) by Margaret Whiting (1944)

unknown song (played by the band twice)

"Moonlight In Vermont" (played by the band) by Margaret Whiting (1944)