Happy Days

Season 8 Episode 21

Mother and Child Reunion

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 19, 1981 on ABC

Episode Recap

At the Cunningham house, Marion is setting the table for breakfast and attempts to level off two glasses of orange juice. Howard comes down the stairs and dances with Marion. The doorbell rings, and Howard answers it. Bobby is there and asks if Fonzie lives there. Howard replies that he does and is about to continue talking when Bobby and several of his classmates run into the house, sit on the furniture, and eat fruit. Eugene Belvin is one of the students and introduces himself to Marion. Fonzie comes in through the kitchen and asks what his students are doing there. Fonzie explains to Howard that the students are from his auto shop class. Bobby tells Fonzie he gave them this address, and Fonzie tells him that he told Bobby upstairs. Eugene says he told everyone they were in the wrong place, but they threw him in the bushes. Bobby says they were going to do that anyway. Fonzie tells everyone to meet him at the front door. He tells Howard and Marion that they're going to the junkyard to make a new car out of old parts. Chachi comes in, and Fonzie tells him that he's late. They all leave.

At a diner, a burly man named Big Harold gives his order to a waitress named Angela and slaps her on the behind as she leaves. Fonzie and the class come in, and sit down. Eugene polishes his fork, and Fonzie makes fun of him. Angela comes through and gives Harold his order. She takes the guys' orders (all patty melts), and Fonzie stutters as he gives his. He sees the "Angela" tag on her dress and asks if that's her name. After she leaves to give the cook the orders, Chachi asks Fonzie what's wrong. He says it must have been something he ate or is about to eat. Chachi says he's taking Fonzie home, and they all leave. Fonzie comes back in to take another look at Angela and leaves.

At Arnold's, Al and Chachi talk about Fonzie. Chachi says Fonzie's been in his apartment alone for three days. Al says he was shorted on his meat order and that Fonzie usually straightens things like this out. Instead, Al calls the dealer himself and threatens him. It turns out that it was the dealer's young son on the other end. Fonzie comes in and asks Chachi to call the guys so that they can meet again at the junkyard on Saturday.

At the diner, the class enters and sits down. Eugene polishes his fork again. Fonzie walks around nervously, and Chachi tells him he's been acting a little bongo lately. He tells Chachi that the waitress is his mother.

Chachi, stunned, sits on a man's lap. After he gets up, he asks Fonzie how he could think that the waitress is his mother - he hasn't seen her since he was two. Fonzie says he hasn't seen his father since he was two and his mother since he was four. Fonzie says that his mother's name was Angela, and the waitress's name is Angela. Chachi has his doubts that it's her. Fonzie shows Chachi a picture, but he can't make a determination based on it because it was taken a long time ago. Fonzie and Chachi order some breakfast. Chachi is caught staring at her. Chachi tells Fonzie that he should talk to Angela. Fonzie says that maybe doesn't want to know. Big Harold is there and asks Angela if she missed him. He slaps her behind again. Angela gives Fonzie and Chachi their food and takes Harold's order. He slaps her again. Fonzie confronts Harold. Fonzie tells him not to ever slap her again. He does, so they go to step outside to fight. Instead, Harold throws Fonzie into the kitchen. After a lot of noise is heard, Harold comes walking out. He collapes on the floor, and Fonzie comes out eating a bologna sandwich. A few of Fonzie's students escort Harold out the door. Fonzie tells the guys to wait outside for him before they go to the junkyard. Fonzie and Angela talk. He says he's been on his own since he was four. He shows Angela the picture and asks if it looks familiar. After a little prompting, she does see the resemblance between herself and the woman in the picture. He tells her his name and says the woman in the picture is his mother. Angela detects bitterness in Fonzie, and he tells her it's a good thing she's not his mother. Angela says that maybe his mother had her reasons for leaving him like she did. She tells Fonzie a story about a woman she knew who had a child at the age of eighteen and, after her husband deserted her, felt it would be best to leave the child with someone else. She says the woman wanted to see how her son was doing as the years passed but felt she couldn't because she gave up all rights as a mother. She never forgot the kid, though, and suggests to Fonzie that maybe his mother's situation was the same. Chachi comes back in and tells Fonzie that the guys are putting rocks in Eugene's pants. He mouths the words "Is it your mother?" to him, but Fonzie shakes his head "no."

Fonzie tells Angela that he appreciates the story and tells her that it helps him understand what may have happened. Fonzie asks if he can stop by and chat sometime. He gives her a quick kiss on the cheek before leaving. She picks up the picture and puts it in her pocket.

Songs in this episode:

"Personality" by Lloyd Price (1959)

"Puff The Magic Dragon" by Peter, Paul, And Mary (1963)

"Alley Cat" by Bent Fabric (1962)

"Blueberry Hill" by Fats Domino (1956)

"When I Fall In Love" by The Lettermen (1961)
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