Happy Days

Season 5 Episode 5

My Cousin, the Cheat

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 1977 on ABC

Episode Recap

Al dances at Arnold's while delivering food to the tables as an officer brings Chachi in looking for Arthur Fonzarelli. Fonzie comes out of his office, and the officer says Chachi is selling stolen ties. The officer is a truant officer, and Chachi is skipping school again. The officer leaves. Richie walks in, and Fonzie tells him to talk to Chachi about school. Richie suggests Joanie as a tutor for Chachi. Fonzie tells Chachi that if he gets good grades at school, he will give him a part-time job at the garage. At the house, Howard leaves Joanie and Chachi to study in the living room. Joanie goes upstairs to help Marion with a dress. Chachi calls Tony and says he will get the answers for the test that Tony had swiped. Chachi runs into Fonzie's garage and tells Fonzie that he got a 100 on his test. Fonzie gives him his first hat (yellow mechanic's cap - Boris gave it to Fonzie when he souped up his first car at the age of 7 1/2). Richie and Joanie come in and tell Fonzie about the stolen test, and Chachi has been suspended for two weeks. Chachi leaves in a storm, and Fonzie is upset. At the house, Howard and Marion say Fonzie should talk to Chachi, but he refuses. Richie talks to Chachi at Arnold's (he tries the "buddy," "anger," and "truth" routines). Richie tells Chachi that since he is a good salesman, he should sell himself to the principal in order to get back into school. Al tells Richie about Rosa Coletti. Chachi gets his suspension lifted, and, after some convincing from Richie, Fonzie gives him another shot at the garage.

Songs in this episode:

"It's Late" by Ricky Nelson (1959)

"Poor Little Fool" by Ricky Nelson (1958)

"Who's Sorry Now" by Connie Francis (1958)

"Pretend" by Nat King Cole (1953)