Happy Days

Season 10 Episode 16

Nervous Romance

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 01, 1983 on ABC

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  • I suppose if you are a fan of the Fonzie and Ashley romance you might appreciate this episode more than I do. Unfortunately, there are NO sub-plots or side stories, the episode is completely concerned with Ashley and Heather.

    Ashley, Fonzie, Heather and Roger join Mr and Mrs C to celebrate Ashley and Fonzie's six month anniversary over at the Cunningham's house and they recount the story of their first date together at a fancy french restaurant. This episode uses flashbacks to tell the story, but it feels like a rerun - we already know how they met and the story of their first date could've been told in a single sentence. Basically the Fonz is nervous about his first date with Ashley, and really wants to impress her by taking her out to a fancy restaurant, but her babysitter cancels so they end up taking Heather with them, and the way that Fonzie handles Heather wins Ashley over. There are a lot of "cute" moments and gags with Heather, but they get pretty corny and tiresome pretty fast. She is a decent actress for a girl her age, and she plays the precocious child very well, but the character can be grating on the nerves after awhile. The Fonz is his classic self in this episode though - and he does get some good funny lines in.