Happy Days

Season 8 Episode 1

No Tell Motel

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 1980 on ABC

Episode Recap

Marion is knitting as she and Howard watch Perry Mason on television. They argue about the case. Fonzie comes in and announces that he has a letter from Richie. Richie is in the army and is stationed at Fort Silverman in Greenland. Marion starts reading the letter, and Fonzie shows Marion a photo of Richie in his G.I. haircut. Richie applied for a job as editor of the camp newspaper but was assigned to latrine duty. Ralph is also in the army. Marion starts to read a dirty joke and then stops. Fonzie finishes the letter. Joanie returns home from a date with Chachi. Joanie and Chachi kiss. Howard and Marion peek in from the kitchen and don't like the fact that they're going steady. Fonzie says he'll take care of it and breaks up the kissing. He and Chachi leave. Howard tells Joanie that if she agrees not to date Chachi for two weeks, he will give her her own phone. She agrees. Howard has arranged a date for Joanie. The nerdy guy works part-time at the hardware store for less than minimum wage. His name is Wilbur, and he brings flowers for Marion. Joanie doesn't want to go out on a date with Wilbur but reluctantly agrees. Howard and Marion leave to go bowling. Wilbur gets fresh with Joanie and chases her around the living room. Howard returns to get his bowling shirt and chases off Wilbur after Joanie tells him what happened. At Arnold's, Chachi and Joanie talk. Al sees them and says that he can't lie to Howard about them being together. When asked, Chachi tells Al that he wears a bandana around his leg for luck. Chachi moves to a different table where he can still talk to Joanie without them actually facing each other. He tells her he's got Beach Boys tickets for the next night. Joanie has to choose between the concert and her phone. A girl chases Potsie into Arnold's. Potsie denies being with the girl. Potsie offers to buy the Beach Boys tickets from Chachi when he learns of their predicament. The girl, Joanie's friend Jenny, tells Joanie that she can simply leave for the concert in Chicago after her parents drop her off at Jenny's slumber party. That way, Howard and Marion will never know she and Chachi were together. Joanie and Chachi go to Chicago for the concert. Afterward, when their car breaks down, they check into a honeymoon suite at a motel because it happens to be the only room left. To get the room, they have to pretend that they are married. The bellhop shows them in but isn't so sure they're really married. Joanie sleeps on the bed while Chachi tries to sleep on the desk. He falls off. He tries the bathtub, but there is none. Joanie suggests they both sleep on the bed but each keep one foot on the floor. That, supposedly, keeps it innocent. They fall into the middle of the bed after it breaks when they go to shut the light off. Later, Fonzie knocks at the door. Joanie hides in the bathroom. Fonzie comes in, and Chachi is pretending to read a Bible. Fonzie says he received a call for a part from the garage and recognized the license plate number of the car. The car won't be ready until 4:00 on Wednesday, so Fonzie has come to take Chachi home. Chachi wants to take the bus instead, so Fonzie gives him $3. Chachi wants an extra $3 in the event he loses $3 on the way. Fonzie picks up a pair of girls' white shoes. He takes $3 back from Chachi and leaves. Fonzie comes back in because he doesn't want the girl to have to walk home. He is shocked to see Joanie in the room. The bellhop comes in after hearing Fonzie banging his head against the wall. He tells Fonzie that "Mr. and Mrs. Arcola" asked for separate rooms. The bellhop leaves followed by Joanie and Chachi. Fonzie, annoyed by the flashing "MOTEL" sign, hits the wall to turn it off. Back at the house, Joanie gives back her phone and tells the truth about what happened. Chachi comes to the door with a ladder and tells Joanie that he got some tickets to a Johnny Mathis concert. She'll use the ladder to climb out of her window. When he sees that Howard is listening, Chachi offers to paint the house. Marion reads a letter to Lori Beth from Richie. Fonzie got another letter from Richie, and he left the good parts upstairs.

Songs in this episode:

"Walk Right In" by The Rooftop Singers (1963)

"Venus In Blue Jeans" (instrumental) by Jimmy Clanton (1962)

"Surf City" (instrumental) by Jan And Dean (1963)