Happy Days

Season 2 Episode 8

Not with My Sister You Don't

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 1974 on ABC

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  • Joannie is going out on a date with Fonzie's young cousin and Richie has to act as chaperone.

    Joannie Cunningham is only twelve years old and Howard and Marion feel she is far too young to date but they reluctantly allow her to go out with Fonzie's look-alike young cousin, Spike (Danny Butch) as long as Richie goes along as chaperone. Joannie is very excited about the whole thing but naturally, Howard and Marion are very worried, the question is, are they worried because of Joannie's age or because of the fact that her date is a miniature Fonzie!

    I didn't like the character of Spike, I found himvery annoying, and that impacted upon the whole episode for me but the concept of Joannie going on a 'real date' was certainly fun to watch.
  • Joanie goes on a date with Fonzie's younger cousin Spike, and Richie is instructed to keep an eye on them...

    This episode is notable for introducting Danny Butch as Fonzie's similarly dressed and mannered younger cousin Spike. The character was never felt to completely catch on and was reworked into Chachi in the fourth season.

    We are gradually watching Joanie grow (she already has since the start of the series). Soon many young male viewers would be drooling over her.

    I never really warmed to the character of Spike (nor did many, hence the reworking of him), but it makes for an interesting episode. It is also notable that around this time, Fonzie, progressing from a secondary part to a breakout character, is beginning to play much more of a part in the episodes.