Happy Days

Season 2 Episode 12

Open House

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 07, 1975 on ABC

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  • Marion and Howard are away for the weekend so Richie, Ralph and Potsie spend the night at the Cunningham house but an unexpected knock at the door changes everything.

    Richie, Ralph and Potsie decide that they are going to have some fun on the weekend because Richie's family are out of town and they have the house to themselves.

    They are all set for a fun weekend but when there is a knock at the door and they find three young, beautiful girls standing there, they think they have died and gone to heaven!

    It turns out that the girls' car has broken down and they are stranded so the boys, after some fast talking, get them to agree to spend the night while Fonzie does his best to fix their car. The boys think they really have it made but all of the girls are far too sophisticated for them and find the boys awqward behaviour amusing. A lesson is learned about girls, behaving like adults and, of course, acting like gentlemen.
  • With his parents away, Richie takes in three stranded college girls.

    An excellent episode featuring Joan Prather who played Janet on "Eight Is Enough". She is one of three girls whose car breaks down, and can't be fixed till the next day. With his parents away, and Potsie pushing him, Richie agrees to take them in.

    The boys try to figure away to "get together" with them, and all efforts fail dismally. Mr and Mrs return early, and Howard gets quite a surprise both in his bedroom and his bathroom.

    The boys effort to keep Ralph out (while Fonzie took one for a bike ride) is also very good.

    A very enjoyable show, that shows how good this series could be. Compare it to any later episode of Season 4 and onwards, and you'll know how far it came down to reach the lowest common denominator to attract viewers.

    Fonzie, like seasoning, is just right when using the correct pinch.
  • With Howard and Marion away, Richie and Potsie find themselves playing host to three stranded young women...

    Another fine series from season two. Actually, in many ways, the second season is a high qualifier for the best season of the show in my opinion.

    With his parents out of town, Richie plans to hold an all-night poker game with Potsie and Ralph - until he and Potsie find themselves playing host to three pretty, stranded young women whose car has broken down and are forced to spend the night.

    I just find this such a likeable, enjoyable episode. It is also more in the mold of the first season in that in revolves around Richie and Potsie.

    I particularly like Richie and Potsies lame attempts to get some attention after the girls have gone to bed.

    Another second season great.