Happy Days

Season 11 Episode 17

Passages (2)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 08, 1984 on ABC

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  • This was a very special, yet sentimental, episode. Joanie and Chachi married while Fonzie adopted an orphan.

    I have always looked forward to this episode because it was so special. No one could have predicted that Fonzie would have become a parent. According to TV Guide, the last episode would be where Fonzie's mother came back for him, although he ran into her a few seasons prior (Mother and child Reunion). It was also good to see many of our former regulars, like Jenny Piccalo, Lori Beth, Al and Chachi's mother. Seeing Richie was like the icing on the cake. Mr. C's toast was extremely special, thanking the audience for being part of their family, to Happy Days. However,it was also disappointing that Ralph and Potsie weren't there. When Mr. C said "both" his kids were married, or he and Mrs. C had "two" great kids, making no reference to his eldest son, Chuck, like he nver existed. Otherwise, it was one of happy Days' best episodes.