Happy Days

Season 8 Episode 19

R. C. & L. B. Forever

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 05, 1981 on ABC

Episode Recap

At the Cunningham house, Marion serves Joanie sunny-side-up eggs and bacon in the shape of a face and says it reminds her of Richie. Howard comes down the stairs and gets the paper. Lori Beth is standing still outside of the front door with a smile on her face and a letter in her hand. Howard doesn't notice her. He and Marion argue about the grocery bill, and it finally hits him that Lori Beth is outside. He brings her in, but she doesn't respond to Howard's questions and just stares into space. Howard struggles to get the letter out of her hand. Lori Beth says that she's getting married in two weeks. Everyone is excited. Lori Beth says that she has to go to Greenland to marry Richie because he won't get a leave for another year. He's on a top-secret base that even Bob Hope hasn't been to. Marion says that they'll all fly up to Greenland with Lori Beth, but she says that it's a restricted base that only allows wives as visitors. Marion is disappointed that they won't be able to be at the wedding, but she realizes that the important thing is that Richie is marrying a wonderful girl.

Later on, Joanie and Chachi are sitting at the table, and Howard answers the door. It's a man from the army asking if Howard has a son named Cunningham, Richard J. who is a private in the U. S. Army. Marion, who's sitting on the couch with Joanie, becomes very concerned and asks if Richie is okay. The man says he's fine. He introduces himself as Captain John Slaughter of the U. S. Army. Marion offers him some coffee, and Howard introduces Captain Slaughter to Lori Beth. Richie had requested a visitor's pass for her. Howard introduces Captain Slaughter to Joanie and Chachi, and the captain asks Chachi why he isn't in the army. Chachi says he's still in high school. Captain Slaughter has a form for Lori Beth to sign. Marion gives the captain a cup of coffee. Lori Beth says that she never thought she'd be getting married in Greenland. Captain Slaughter says that Lori Beth can't get clearance to go if she's not married. The captain says that Richie has leave in a year, but Lori Beth says they can't wait that long. She asks if there's anything they can do, but Slaughter says there isn't. Rules are rules.

Later on, Fonzie and Al are present while Roger explains that in the Old West, if a couple was apart, they'd get married through a proxy. Fonzie tells him to explain. Roger says that if a man couldn't attend his own wedding, he'd have someone else take his place as his proxy. The wedding would be legal, and Roger doesn't see any reason why it wouldn't be legal today. Marion says they could have the wedding in the house and have someone stand in for Richie. Then, Lori Beth could go to the base. Fonzie says that they can have Richie on the phone for the ceremony. Roger asks who the proxy will be, and Fonzie not-so-subtly suggests that he be it. Howard humors Fonzie and asks if he'd like to be the proxy. Fonzie says he would.

The living room is set up for the ceremony and includes a telephone surrounded by flowers on a table. The doorbell rings, and Marion answers it. The cake has arrived an hour late with "HAPPY BARMITZVAH HERBIE" written on it. The delivery man apologizes. Howard comes down, and Marion tells him to fix the problem. He looks at the cake and tells the man to take it back, and fix it. He says he has some stuff in the truck and will fix it right up. Joanie comes down in her bathrobe saying that she needs to dry some things by the oven. Chachi and Roger arrive (they'll be ushers). Howard asks where Potsie is. Roger says that he went on a psychology field trip, and the bus broke down outside of Chicago. Howard asks who's going to sing, and Chachi says that Al can do it. Howard says he'll play a record. Joanie runs in saying that her bra is on fire. Howard runs into the kitchen. Chachi says he'll smother the flames with his body, but Joanie tells him that she's not wearing it. Joanie runs into the kitchen to help Howard. Reverend Dan Edwards arrives. Howard and Joanie can be heard arguing in the kitchen before they continue through the living room and up the stairs. Howard asks when she started wearing a bra.

Later on, David and Emily Allen, Lori Beth's parents, arrive. Emily sees Roger and says that he must be Richie. He says who he is. Chachi is standing by, so she says that he must be Richie. He says who he is. Al stands up and nods his head. Emily asks if he's Richie, and Al says he isn't. Emily is very relieved. Al sits back down. David says that Lori Beth sent them a picture of Richie, but the insects in Africa ate away the face before they received it. Emily asks where Richie is, and Roger says he's in Greenland. David thinks he skipped out on his daughter, and Roger explains that he'll be on the phone. David says they were in Nairobi when they got the message, so some of it must have been lost in the translation. Chachi says Lori Beth is upstairs, and David and Emily go up. Al asks why Chachi and Roger didn't introduce him to Lori Beth's parents.

Later on, Fonzie comes in the kitchen door wearing a suit top and jean bottoms. He tells Roger and Chachi that he's very nervous and doesn't want to mess up. Emily and David come down followed by Marion and Howard. Marion says there's nothing more to do except to wait for the guests and Richie's phone call. Marion looks at the Allens and asks who they are.

Later, Marion mentions how wonderful it would be if Richie were actually there. Potsie comes in. He says he didn't think he'd make it, but he jumped on that plane and is there. After hearing this, Emily thinks that Potsie is Richie. Howard says that it is not Richie. Marion answers the phone, and it's Richie. Howard talks to Richie and turns him over to Reverend Edwards. Richie says he's ready to begin, so the reverend turns the phone over to Fonzie. He talks a little with Richie before Potsie starts singing. Fonzie narrates the proceedings to Richie. Howard and Marion come down the stairs followed by Roger and Emily and Joanie. Joanie tells Richie that she loves him and misses him. David and Lori Beth come down. Fonzie kids Richie by saying she just walked out the door. Fonzie holds out the phone so Richie can hear everything as the reverend starts the ceremony. Howard asks Marion if she's all right, and she says that something is missing. Howard knows what she means. When the reverend asks if anyone has just cause for the wedding to not take place, Howard says he'd like to say something. He says he and Marion feel the need to be with Richie in some way. They go into the kitchen and use that phone. Howard says he's always been proud of Richie, and they'll always be there for him. Marion says that no matter where he is, Richie will always be in her arms. They go back into the living room, and the ceremony resumes with the vows. Fonzie puts the ring on Lori Beth's finger. The reverend pronounces them husband and wife.

After everyone has left, Captain Slaughter looks over Lori Beth's paperwork and says that everything seems to be in order. Fonzie comes in to get Lori Beth's suitcase. She leaves with Captain Slaughter. Howard tells Joanie that she's next, and Marion starts to cry.
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