Happy Days

Season 6 Episode 18

Ralph vs. Potsie

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 23, 1979 on ABC

Episode Recap

Joanie and the other Jefferson High cheerleaders practice a cheer at Arnold's. Fonzie takes a ten-minute lunch break from working on a bookmobile, and Al gets him the Hit-and-Run special. Richie tells Fonzie about his new job at the Milwaukee Shoppers News as "Ask Aunt Fanny" - an advice-to-the-lovelorn column. He is filling in for two weeks while Aunt Fanny is in Mexico getting a divorce. Richie thinks the unpaid job could lead to something bigger. Richie reads his first column. Ralph (in his bath robe) and Potsie come into Arnold's bickering. They talk to Fonzie and ask for some advice. He suggests asking Aunt Fanny. Back at the house, Joanie is wearing one of fat Phyllis' dresses that Marion will use as part of some new kitchen curtains. Richie says there is a bookmobile parked in the driveway. Howard brings home the newspaper and reads a letter from Aunt Fanny that he thinks Marion sent. It is about how the person hides Tootsie Rolls in the cash register and his general lack of dieting. Marion denies writing the letter. Howard reads another question and scoffs at the answer Aunt Fanny gives. At Ralph and Potsie's apartment, they agree to abide by Aunt Fanny's advice. In the meantime, they call a truce and act very nicely toward each other. Chachi comes in to collect the rent money and brings them their mail. Chachi brings the Milwaukee Shoppers News C.O.D. Ralph says C.O.D. means "Chachi out door." They read the advice from Aunt Fanny that says to draw a line down the middle of the room. They flip a coin to choose sides. Potsie can't exit the apartment because the door is on Ralph's side, and Ralph can't use the bathroom because it is on Potsie's side. Fonzie meets Trudy, the librarian, at Arnold's. Chachi comes in and tells them that Ralph and Potsie are fighting again. He tells Fonzie that they got advice from Aunt Fanny, and Fonzie leaves. At the house, after reading Aunt Fanny's column, Marion serves something new (apple surprise) for dinner. She read Aunt Fanny's advice column. Fonzie tells Richie about Ralph and Potsie. Back at their apartment, Ralph allows Potsie to use the oven, but he makes him throw his T.V. dinner in instead of letting him cross the divider line. Potsie receives a call (the phone is on Ralph's side of the room), and Ralph trades the use of the phone for two nights in the bed. It turns out to be a wrong number. They begin to square off when Richie comes in. Richie, Potsie, and Ralph stand on the line (neutral territory) so that Richie can talk to them. Fonzie comes in and reveals that Richie is Aunt Fanny. Richie says he'll be more careful about what he puts in print. Fonzie tells Potsie and Ralph that they should communicate more in order to solve their bickering problem. Back at the Cunningham house, Marion has made curtains for the kitchen, a dress for Joanie, a tie for Howard, a vest for Richie, a scarf for Fonzie, and a tablecloth out of fat Phyllis' dress. Songs in this episode: "I'm Walkin'" by Fats Domino (1956) replacement instrumental "Personality" by Lloyd Price (1959)