Happy Days

Season 5 Episode 12

Requiem for a Malph

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 06, 1977 on ABC

Episode Recap

Potsie and the band play "Calendar Girl" at Arnold's for a "Beat Oshkosh" football rally. Richie gets the gang to give a big hand for their star fullback, Mr. Rebel E. Lee. Rebel and his girl, Kitty, talk at a booth before Rebel leaves. Ralph and Kitty kiss, and Ralph asks her if she told Rebel about him yet. She says he won't listen. Richie and Potsie talk to Ralph and say that he is playing with fire by dating Rebel's girl. He ignores their concerns. Ralph and Kitty dance, and Rebel returns. After he sends Kitty off, Ralph begs Rebel not to hurt him. Fonzie comes in and gets Ralph off the hook because there is no fighting in Arnold's. Rebel says he'll get Ralph after the game. Fonzie tells the family back at the house about a fraternity he has formed: The Fonz Fonza Rellis for which he had their own pin made up. Howard and the family practice a song ("Down by the Old Mill Stream") for the Leopard Lodge sing-a-long contest. Ralph (wearing a beard, eye-patch, and yellow trench coat disguise) and Potsie arrive at the house. Fonzie tells Ralph that he will be boxing against Rebel at the gym. Ralph isn't pleased. Fonzie leaves. Marion drives Joanie to Jenny Piccalo's house. At the gym before the fight, Ralph tells Richie he will take a dive. He has sent Kitty to the movies with Potsie. Fonzie comes in and tells Ralph not to take the dive. Ralph agrees not to but tells Richie he lied to Fonzie. Potsie brings Kitty to the fight, and Ralph says he'll really have to fight, now. Al announces and referees the fight, and Joanie rings the bell. Ralph runs around inside the ring and utilizes other stalling tactics. Highlights of the fight are shown to an instrumental version of "Yakety Yak." Ralph is knocked down, but he gets back up. He lands a few good shots before being knocked out. Fonzie tells Ralph that he didn't lose in that he didn't run away. Kitty says goodbye to Rebel forever and meets Ralph in the ring. Marion talks to Minnie on the phone and then beats Howard twice in an arm-wrestling match.

Songs in this episode:

"Calendar Girl" (played by the band) by Neil Sedaka (1960)

replacement instrumental

"Down By The Old Mill Stream" (sung by the Cunningham family and Fonzie) by Tell Taylor (1910)

"Yakety Yak" (instrumental) by The Coasters (1958)
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