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  • Cunninghams' #1 fan

    Yea, this show is one of the pride of the 70s generation! It's extremely funny and the title really suit to its plot!! The Cunninghams never showed dull moments on each scenes! I'm very happy it's out on DVD and I purchased the complete DVD collection at memorylanedvd .com received great quality DVDs with all the complete episodes. This show really means a lot to me because this show always gave me optimistic outlook whenever I watched it!
  • Early Episodes Were the Best!

    The early filmed episodes of Happy Days were the best of the entire series. Fonzie was underplayed as a comic version of James Dean. His voice was softer, he was cooler, and his command of each scene was more subtle. They ruined this character when they put him in front of a live audience. He would burst onto each scene with a louder voice and more boisterous personality. In fact all the characters did, because they were playing to a live audience for laughs. The early episodes had more of that American Graffiti feel to it, much more nostalgic. The writing was much better in the early episodes as well with more memorable lines like, "my bike likes Ike" and "so's the chain in my The later episodes exploited lines into catch phrases like "sit on it" which wound up on t-shirts and lunch boxes. But that's it ain't broke, FIX IT, and ALWAYS tamper with success!
  • The first seasons were awesome

    I love Happy Days, but after season 4 or 5 , I stopped watching it. Season 1 and 2 didn't had a live studio audience or that much laugh tracks, which was good. They focused on real life issues like dating, family, friends, etc. Then season 3 and 4 were great too. I love the theme songs and the 50s setting. Happy Days is one of my favorite old shows.
  • The first few years were the best.

    I remember watching this as a young teen when it first came out in '74. The first few seasons were the best.The writing and humor in the first year was subtle, but funny. The attitude was sentimental, but sweet. By the end it was redundant and mediocre I think it would have been better if it had ended after 4 or 5 seasons, I mean , I thought Fonzie was funny, and Winkler is a wonderful actor/director, but when Fonzie, Chachi and Joanie became the focus of the show, it lost quality and perspective. By the end of series, it was supposed to be set in the early to mid 60's,but the fashion and attitude were pure 1970s/80s. The hair on the men was too way long and the women (aside from Marion) were dressed too modern. LIke M*A*S*H and The Waltons, it wore out its welcome when it outgrew its original premise.
  • A fun Show to watch

    Happy Days was a show that I did not miss. It had fun shows , but also serous shows as well.

  • i think happy days is past its time its been on the air since 19somthing probably before i was this dang classic it SUCKS!!!!!!!

    i hate this mother fricking show it has the most annoyinhg theme song i have heard i my 15 years of existiance tv networks should put this off the air and play somthing new skool. and to all you people who watch this show advance to today and watch todays
  • I loved this show and recently found it on the Hub. I got misty-eyed watching the last season shows, knowing it was about to end. This show, imo, reflects things that are missing from our society today. Great family time around the dinner table.

    This was an awesome show. It dealt with things like peer pressure and showed it could be cool to reject behavior such as drinking and smoking. Family tv at its best. The actors played their characters so well. I think kids these days are missing a lot. My kids enjoy watching it too. I hope it will be around for a long time to come. It's amazing to see how the characters evolved over the years. And another thing I liked is how they always made mention of something from previous episodes. They didn't just forget that something happened. Tv writing these days has gotten lazy. They'll never be another Fonz.
  • a trully exlcent classic that made people want to dress and act like the fonz.

    happy days was in my book one of the best show from the 70s. i really enjoyed it even though funny thin i was no where near born i the 70s i was from the 90s i grew up watching the repeats of the show and though it was great clasic and have the show on dvd. this show was about the the cunning hams it featured alot about the teen agers bfrom the 50s and early 60s. a very good show that had alot of good moments and really good catch fraize made by the foze aye. and the show was really good and had a good toon to it.i like alot of eps when they wanted to be apart of a group they had to go through eginishation and they had to dance with one of another it was funny.
  • A classic for generations.. a staple from my childhood, with unforgettable characters.

    You would be hard pressed to find someone who lived through the seventies that didn't watch this show. It was a simple show, about a much simpler time that ingeniously appealed to all generations. A show built from hopeful nostalgia, and born of fortunate happenstance. In 1972, we had come a long way from the seemingly innocent mid-fifties. The sixties was the most turbulant and transformant time in our history since WWII. It was a time of a political, musical and sexual awakening, filled with battles fought, won and lost...messengers and prophets, poets and minstrels, and rights and lefts. The citizens of America were pretty tired by the dawn of the Seventies. Music got softer, rock icons started dropping like flies, and following events like Kent State and Nixon's re-election..even the most militant protesters had had enough and were putting the placcards and megaphones down . Not sure how to go forward anymore, writers started looking back and reflecting to simpler times. Starting in 1969 when a New York Doo-Wop revival spawned a group called Sha-Na-Na (who played Woodstock, no less), and continuing to a writer named Don Mclean , who's long nostalgic reflections would go to number One on the charts with his immortal tune "American Pie" in 1971. In 1972, a play called "Grease" premiered at the Wintergarden theater on Broadway. That same year, writer Gary Marshal had written a pilot for a new Show entitled, "New Family In Town", which took place in the mid-Fifties. Ron Howard, whom Americans had watched grow up in "The Andy Griffith Show" for a over a decade, played the youngest son Richie of this family the Cunninghams. Marion Ross was the mother, Marion, Anson Williams was Richie's best friend Potsie, and veteran character actor Harold Gould was the father, Howard. Paramount passed on the series proposal, but recycled the pilot footage for an episode of a popular sitcom "Love, American Style". The episode, "Love and the Happy Days" was seen by director George Lucas who was casting American Graffiti , and cast Ron Howard as the lead Steve, along with future Happy Days alumni Cindy Williams. The movie was a breakout hit, and Paramount reconsidered it's decision. Happy Days was born. I thank God that Harold Gould was busy filming "The Sting", and could not return as Howard Cunningham. Instead, Tom Bosley was cast as the beloved Mr.C. Howard, as we all know was still Richie, as well as Marion Ross and Anson Williams reprising their roles. Donny Most, first considered as Potsie had the role of Ralph Malph created just for him, and the trio of best friends was complete. The role of Joanie, Richie's younger sister, was also re-cast to an unknown... Erin Moran. The producers added another very minor role, designed to recur as the occasional plot of each episode demanded. Henry Winkler, a generally shy young man had been seen in the 1973 movie, "The Lords Of Flatbush", playing a leather clad gangmember . Marshall cast him as "Fonzie", a high-school dropout biker with a reputation that Richie would ask advice about women. Little did they know how that would pan out! Although the first season was not a blowout success, I remember it's episodes fondly. This show premiered at the same time frame my favorite childhood show "The Six Million Dollar Man" did , on the same network, ABC, and promos for one were always shown on the other. Like SMDM, the show was a mid-season drop-in, so the first season was very brief, 16 episodes. The familliar "Happy Days theme" did not start until the Third year. The original opening theme was actually a re-recording of "Rock Around The Clock" by Bill Haley and His Comets (the first Rock And Roll record to go to Number One, BTW). The stories early on almost always centered around Ritchie and focused on Potsie's hair brained schemes that got them into one pickle or another, Ritchie's relationship with his Father, and his dating life. Fonzie (later given the full name Arthur Fonzerelli), was not allowed to wear his trademark leather for a while. The producers thought it would look to intimidating. Fonzie was also much more laid back and soft spoken too. With the episode "Fonzie Drops In", the producers started receiving more and more fan mail, and the character was used more and more in episodes, becoming a lead character by the second year. For the first two seasons, Richie had an older brother, Chuck..who disappeared entirely from the show after that, with no explaination. Also, the atmosphere of the first two years was quite different in that the show was filmed on private sets, and had a laugh track inserted for the audience affect. With the episode, "Fonzie Gets Married', for the first time, and as an experiment, the show was filmed in front of a live audience. The reaction from viewers would change the show entirely, and from the third season on, the show was always filmed in front of an audience. I have always had mixed feelings about this. The first two years, i felt the acting was better, and more natural. However, I hate laugh tracks. When you start with an audience, you're performing, and you have to be louder and broader in your acting, to project yourself to the audience members, resulting more in a presentation than making you feel like you're a fly on the wall. However, it was during the third year, that the show really hit it's stride. Fonzie moved in, changing the Cunningham's family dynamic, Joanie was hitting puberty, and lest we not forget, Arnold (Pat Morita) was introduced. It's funny, but Pat Morita made such an impression as Arnold, that I'd always had it in my memory that he'd been there since the beginning. In reality, it was just this one year. After which Al Molinaro was brought in as the new owner, Al. It was this series which coined the phrase, "Jump The Shark". The fifth season opener "Hollywood', is the episode where Fonzie does just that, and many fans feel that this was the beginning of the downward spiral of the show. While I will say that it was a stupid plot device, I don't think the spiral started with that show. That episode also features Scott Baio's debut as Chachi. And let's not forget the episode which brought a new comic nationwide attention as an alien from the planet Ork. This season made Robin Williams a star. It did go downhill, and wore out it's welcome after a while. Ron Howard left, as did Donnie Most. The show was never the same. But I will always have fond memories of this show as a childhood favorite, and it will be in my heart forever.
  • Love this show!!!

    Happy Days is great! What a classic Gary Marshall show! There are so many episodes and adventures to follow, and The Fonz always keeping his cool(whether in giving advice or getting a girl). My personal favorite is Fonzie's Funeral #2, others would include the Christmas and Halloween episodes. Ralph Malph is funny, too. Marion is the sweet, doting mom, Howard, the loving dad, and their 2 all-american kids. The show started to lack, tho, once it hit the later seasons. To me, it din't "Jump the Shark" after the famous episode, but sometime later. The stories were more light hearted in the early days-Saturday night dates and first kisses, but they got too serious in the later ones-dealing with drug addiction and high school drop outs.(It was called "happy" days, after all). There was a little too much drama in Joanie and Chachi's back-and-forth relationship, but it all worked out in end, and the wedding episode made up for all the weaker ones. It made me teary when i first saw it (and i dont cry easily).To happy days!
  • Heyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! The Fonz.

    Happy Days,
    Happy Days is and will be a classic tv show for eternity. To me this is one of the best comedy show ever the have watched on tv. The show follows a bounch of teenagers in the cheese state. And there mis-adventure. The show mostley follows Richie is family the Cunnigham's and the one and only FONZIE. I don't know how many times I dreamed of being part of this area. Wow these were the days. Rock and Roll, Hot Cars, Hot dates, Drive-In, brylcreem, spray net, and wathever else made these days the best. I saw all episodes of this show more then once in my youth years and have started to buy the seasons now they are finally coming out on DVD. "These are the days, these are Happy days"
  • The Fonz....and as time went by...a sweet oh so nicely stacked Joanie

    This show had so much going on, first there were three cunningham siblings then one mysteriously disappeared (aka Chuck) there were Ralph and Potsie, the dynamic duo of gotta find a woman, and get her to agree to go out with me, Richie always seemed to have better luck than either one of them. Could have had something to do with his friendship with the Fonz.. the master of his domain, and the man of choice of so many local women, The ultimate proof of coolness, above and beyond the call. Then Joanie blossomed into a oh wow!! that smile those eyes........ that indelible bod,.. so totally yum, and to have talent on top of that, splendiferous indeed. Around the end time there was the addition on occassion of Leather Tuscudero (aka Suzi Quatro), can you say wah wah wah!!!?? Beauty , base chords. and raw vocal talent, all wrapped in skintight leather jumpsuits and boots This show may have finally jumped the shark, literally, but it had a long and prestigious run, and will live on forever in the hearts and minds of so many
  • THE very best show EVER.

    There has never been a better family show. It is always clean fun while teaching and showing values that should be a part of every day life. Every one on this show brings their own character believably to life and makes you want to care for each one. Scott Baio's Chachi was a nice addition and blended perfectly with Henry Winkler's Fonzi character. Even though there was a big hole when Ron Howard (Ritchie) left the cast pulled together and still delivered the very best show on TV. If anyone wants to see a wholesome and fun family show, Happy Days is it! Now if we could ever get it to be aired more often!
  • A great show for the whole family.

    Growing up I loved to watch Happy Days re runs.
    Happy Days is a wonderful family comedy that follows young Richie and his friends and family through the 1950's. You will meet so many characters that you will fall in love with from the cooler than cool Fonzie to the guy the gang calls Ralph the Mouth.
    You will love watching all the teens on here grow up, and fall in and out of love.
    Throughout the years the show featured many episodes where the teens would sing and play in a band, which went really great with the time period.
    There are so many memorable episodes through out the years.
    A definite must see in my book.
  • One of the best sitcoms of the 70s.

    Happy Days was loaded with talent and is still enjoyable today - at least the episodes before Ron Howard left the show, it sort of went on a few seasons too long. Ron Howard moved on to become one of the best directors in the business. As good a Henry Winkler was, it was Ron who was the heart and soul of the show. Something was missing when he left. .......... ......... ........

    The Happy Days spinoff "Joanie Loves Chachi", however, was one of the worst spinoff ever. Be sure and stop by that show and help insure it remains the one of the lowest rated shows on TV.COM (hard to tell because the rank rating is around 400 shows LOWER than the number of shows that supposedly exist on TV.COM). JLC is the show everyone loves to hate. It has 121 votes as of now with an Abysmal rating of 66%. Im still trying to figure out why JLC is rated 2.6, while the legendary "My Mother The Car" is rated 3.7. Was it their singing? Thats what did it for me. They were worse than Sanjaya.
  • You can always get a laugh when watching Happy Days!

    Happy Days is a show that gets repeats on TV because it is simply a classic. You can turn it on and you know all the characters and are familiar with it. Old and new generations can enjoy the show which is quite innocent in terms of current shows on TV now.

    You can always get a laugh from the episodes even if you have seen them many many many times before.

    The Fonz has to be a favorite with viewers but all the characters were great. Ritchie, Ralph, Potsie, Jonnie, Mrs C, Mr C ..... All of them!

    One final word ............ SIT ON IT!
  • Classic

    Happy Days,
    Happy Days is a classic tv show. To me its one of the best comdeys shows ever the graced tv. The show follows abounch of teenagers in the cheese state. And there mis adventure. The show mostley follows Richie but over the years it turned over the Fonzie.
  • aaaayyyy!!

    One of the most successful series of the 1970s is Happy Days, which is set in the late 1950s, early 1960s in Milwaukee, the heart of middle-class America. Happy Days tells the story of the Cunninghams, one of America's most beloved TV families played by Tom Bosley (Howard), Erin Moran (Joanie), Marion Ross (Marion), and Ron Howard (Richie). Richie and Joanie had an older brother, Chuck (Gavan O'Herlihy and Randolph Roberts), but he was phased out by the third season. Richie, who hangs out at Arnold's Drive-In with his buddies Potsie Weber (Anson Williams) and Ralph Malph (Donny Most), forms a close bond with neighborhood greaser, the Fonz (Henry Winkler). Living in an apartment above the Cunningham garage, the Fonz gives Richie advice on just about everything that he wants to know. Wearing his leather jacket atop his motorcycle while saying phrases like "aaaayyyy" and "sit on it," the Fonz is the king of cool and quickly became a cultural icon.
  • Man, this show is awesome...and after 30 years, it's still on...a genuine classic...

    I have seen almost all of the episodes of this show and still can't get enough of it...I don't know why...it's just something that attracts me to this show...it's just that it's so happy and innocent, and remindes you of the good old times you had like that in your childhood...I guess that's why it's called Happy Days...it's just the chemistry between the characters of the show that gets it flowing...you can tell that there is love there...They should come out with more seaon sets...I really love this show...it will be around for a long time to come...
  • A Classic Sitcom

    Happy days is so funny to me still. Happy days is still on WGN and TV Land. I still like happy days because it's funny over & over again.
    Like Full house , everybody loves raymond , saved by the bell.

    I wish they can mix some older shows on nick at night like taxi and more.
  • I have been watching Happy Day reruns for a very long time. It has family values, comedy, and at times genuine drama. It also features romance and real-life situations.

    Great Family T.V. that is a genuine parody of life in the 50's and 60's. Shows like Happy Days keep T.V. alive and well. It is truly sad that this show had to be ended. However, reruns will keep it timeless and ongoing. Henry Winkler, Marion Ross, Tom Bosley, Ron Howard, Donny Most, Anson Williams, Scott Baio, and Erin Moran are simply superb actors and actresses. A reunion show within the next couple of years would be an excellent tribute to these talented and wonderful thespians. My children enjoy watching Happy Days to this day; and I'm sure my grandchildren will too.
  • I always looked forward to Tuesday night

    I remember when I was a kid and every Tuesday night the whole family would sit down and watch Happy Days and Lavern and Shirley. All of the characters seemed to click. My all time favorite was the time Fonzie jumped the barrels in front of Arnolds. I remember the disapointment when they left me hanging for a whole week after Fonzie crashed!!!! It lost it's steam towards the end and probably should have closed shop earlier, but because of this Happy Days was able to coin the phrase that describes any series that has worn out it's welcome "jumping the shark."
  • Ron Howard and Henry Winkler star in this classic comedy about life in the 1950's.

    Set in Milwaukee and featuring the lives of the Cunningham family and their friends. This was one of the most popular shows of the 70's. Several shows were spin-offs of this series as such as Mork & Mindy and Laverne & Shirley.

    The funniest thing to me about this show is the popularity of Henry Winkler as "The Fonz". His character was only supose to be in a few episodes but became a fan favorite. The show creators were quick to give fans what they wanted and wrote him into the show. The other classic move was writing Richice and Joanie's brother out of the show and never speaking of him again.
  • Watching Happy Days was a wonderful family show.

    Watching Happy Days was a wonderful family show. It was a show that the whole entire family could watch and laugh together and still now it was just a show. The show brought real life things into account for the family to see how things would have been handled back in the fifties.
  • Good old happy days!

    I think happy days has got to be one of the top 10 shows of all time!
    I have enjoyed the Fonz since I could kind of understand T.V.
    Happy days was always on about midday and at 5pm ish. I managed to watch atleast 5 episodes every year!
    I believe 20 yrs from now Happy days will still be enjoyed by viewers!
  • The Glorification of the Nerd

    Happy Days was the bridge that glorified the nerd. The nerd glorification movement began with the 1973 hit movie "American Graffiti," and fulfilled its mission in 1984 with "Revenge of the Nerds." In between, from 1974 to 1984, we had Happy Days.

    The series begins with a pair of nerds - Richie and Potsie - trying to make their way in a "cool" world. Other characters include Ralph, who refused to acknowledge his status as a nerd, but later in the series, he settled into his role. And of course there was "the Fonz," and eventual culture icon.

    The Fonz was a curious blend. In the beginning, he was a feared, silent character, though later he disclosed that he had never hit anyone. His appeal to women is legendary, never really having to explain why it never creates conflict among his girlfriends. His independence is assumed, though we see that he really does crave participating as a family member.

    As brilliantly as Happy Days began, it stayed on way too long, far forgetting what made it the hit show. Later seasons relied on cast changes and spin-offs to keep it energized.
  • i love this show!!!

    this show rocks. my mom watched it all the time when i was growing up! now when it is on i watch it cause its a fuckin classic. when i was in 1st grade i used to wear a black biker jacket and people would say i looked like fonzies girlfriend!!!! yeahhhhhhhhh!
  • Sunday. Monday, Happy Days, Tuesday, Wensday, Happyy Days that was the song we were all singing years ago, and even now the show surprisingl holds up strong 30 years later!

    Happy Days really was a trendsetter in the 70's. It was a show that placed its self in the great old 50's with classic cars, drive ins, malt shops, and the classic living styles of the 50's. The show truly took you back to the classic era and that alone made the show a success. Not to mention that it also boosted great comedy a wonderful cast, and great writing. Happy Days is truly a classic, and I will be going back to the 50's for years and year with re-runs thanks to The Fonzz and friends for giving me such great entertainment!
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