Happy Days

ABC (ended 1984)





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  • Early Episodes Were the Best!

    The early filmed episodes of Happy Days were the best of the entire series. Fonzie was underplayed as a comic version of James Dean. His voice was softer, he was cooler, and his command of each scene was more subtle. They ruined this character when they put him in front of a live audience. He would burst onto each scene with a louder voice and more boisterous personality. In fact all the characters did, because they were playing to a live audience for laughs. The early episodes had more of that American Graffiti feel to it, much more nostalgic. The writing was much better in the early episodes as well with more memorable lines like, "my bike likes Ike" and "so's the chain in my The later episodes exploited lines into catch phrases like "sit on it" which wound up on t-shirts and lunch boxes. But that's it ain't broke, FIX IT, and ALWAYS tamper with success!