Happy Days

Season 5 Episode 18

Richie Almost Dies

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap

At Fonzie's garage, Ralph and Potsie plead with Fonzie to let them use Al's truck to jump their car's dead battery because they are taking the Drinkwater twins to the drive-in. He lets them take the jumper cables. Lori Beth walks in and introduces Richie "Wheelie" Cunningham and his new motorcycle. Fonzie checks out the bike, and gives him some tips. Richie and Lori Beth get on the bike, and Richie attempts to start it. Leather comes out of the office and says she has a gig for the night. Leather asks Fonzie for a lift to the bus because the gig is in Waukegan. Richie and Lori Beth take the bike out for a spin around the block. Richie talks to Howard and Marion at the house. He asks them if he can keep the motorcycle and gives his reasons for it. Howard refuses to let him have a motorcycle. Fonzie comes over and gives Richie a vote of confidence. Howard agrees to let Richie try it. Fonzie tells him to always wear his helmet and to never smile (to avoid getting bugs in your teeth). Al's catering truck is back at the garage after Ralph and Potsie pushed it 20 blocks with Al steering. Al says the emergency brake was on. Chachi is able to start the truck. Lori Beth runs in screaming for help because Richie is not moving in the street after they crashed. At the hospital, the doctor says Richie is in critical condition but should be okay if he emerges from his coma. Marion and Joanie leave as Fonzie comes in. Howard explains the situation to Fonzie before they leave. Everyone is at the Cunningham house, and Howard tells them about Richie. Leather sings a song at the piano as past clips of Richie are shown. Back at the hospital, Fonzie enters the room and gets very emotional while talking to Richie. He tells Richie that he is his best friend before making a plea to God. The next morning, Howard and Marion arrive in the room, and Fonzie says the doctor let him stay the night. Richie awakens and tells everyone to quiet down. He tells the doctor that he's hungry. Fonzie looks toward the skies and gives a thumbs up. At the house, Richie and Lori Beth make out on the couch. Howard and Marion come in, and Richie tells them that he is getting rid of the motorcycle. Howard and Marion have milk and cookies in the kitchen.