Happy Days

Season 4 Episode 11

Richie Branches Out

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 07, 1976 on ABC

Episode Recap

Marion sets up Christmas decorations, and Joanie strings popcorn. Howard pulls in a Christmas tree through the front door while Richie comes in the back door. Howard talks to Richie who says he has fallen in love with a Wisconsin Cola girl he saw on a poster. Richie tells Howard about his dream where he meets the girl but doesn't know what to say to her. At Arnold's, Fonzie laughs at Richie. Fonzie receives a call from a girl asking if they're still on for the night. Richie pulls out some pictures and articles on the cola girl to show Fonzie. Richie, Potsie, and Ralph go to the Kwiskel Model Agency to get the girl's telephone number. Richie and Ralph act like hardware businessman and talk to a man named J. B. They show him a map of future Cunningham Hardware locations. Potsie comes in as Mr. Tool. Richie says he thinks they have found Mrs. Tool in the Wisconsin Cola girl, Angela Buvay. J. B. says she won't be available for two months. Ralph suggests Bess Myerson, former Miss America, as Mrs. Tool and says they will pay whatever she wants. J. B. reconsiders and closes the door with his remote control before the guys can leave. Richie wants her to come to Arnold's after she is done shooting a five-day deodorant commercial. Howard tells Richie about a call he received from Angela asking why the address Richie gave her was for a drive-in. Angela arrives at Arnold's where Richie has a camera, and Fonzie is talking to him. Fonzie leaves. Angela is dressed as Mrs. Tool and does various poses as Richie takes pictures. Angela reminds him to take the lens cap off. The Christmas tree falls on Richie, and he admits that he is not a professional photographer. Richie tells her about his scheme. Angela says she is flattered but is almost engaged to a medical student. Richie tells her about his dream, and she gives him a kiss. Fonzie returns and asks Richie if it was worth it, and he says that it was. Fonzie's present to Richie: the Polaskey twins.
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