Happy Days

Season 4 Episode 11

Richie Branches Out

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 07, 1976 on ABC

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  • Strange as it may seem, Richie falls in love with a girl he has only ever seen on a poster for Wisconsin Cola.

    Richie is always hoping to find the right girl for himself and this time, he feels sure that he has. The only trouble is, he has only ever seen her on an ad poster for Wisconsin Cola. Strongly smitten, he pretends to be a big businessman and goes to the officer of her manager saying that he wants to hire her to do some work for him. How in the world any sane adult would believe that Richie and his friends were big businessmen is beyond me but I guess it was necessary in order to make the plot work.

    Somehow, the manager is convinced and arranges for the girl of his dreams to meet him at Arnold's so they can discuss business. Armed with a camera, Richie is overjoyed when the 'poster girl' arrives and she is even prettier in person. After taking several photos, the girl points out that Richie still has the lens cap on the camera.

    Soon, of course, his cover is blown and he confesses everything. The girl is touched but very firmly tells him that she is spoken for. Ah well, at least Richie still has his memories and that Wisconsin Cola poster to look at!