Happy Days

Season 3 Episode 6

Richie Fights Back

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 14, 1975 on ABC

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  • Richie is sick of being targeted by local hoodlums so he decides the time has come to stand up for himself.

    Two local thugs named Frankie and Rocco get their kicks by picking on those who can't defend themselves, and one of their favorite targets is Richie who, as we know is a pretty passive kind of guy.

    Richie continues to take the constant harassment until he decides that enough is enough and that he doesn't wish to be a victim anymore. Planning to finally stand up to the two boys, he enrols himself in jujitsu lessons so that they will no longer find him such an easy target.

    This episode highlights the ever-present bullies in our society and the important lessons to be learned when you decide to stand up for yourself.
  • After being humiliated by Frankie and Rocko, a couple of local hoods, in front of a date, Richie turns to the Fonz for advice, and soon decides that he wants to learn jujutsu to defend and stand up for himself...

    After a couple of local no-goods bully him in front of his date, Richie gets tired of being pushed around and decides to learn jujutsu.

    This is a very good episode (well, most episodes from the second and third season are!). It has some humorous moments and the story is told well.

    It's also interesting to see Pat Morita (Arnold) teaching martial arts, as a decade or so later, he would become famous as Mr. Miyagi in 'The Karate Kid' (1983) who also trains in martial arts.

    At the climax of the story, you expect Richie to get his face re-arranged, but somehow he manages to pull it off.

    A good episode.
  • The perfect Happy Days Episode

    This episode just about had it all. It involved all of the characters and we were able to see Henry Winkler and Ron Howard at their best. There were just so many hillarious parts of this episode from start to finish...from Richie describing how Joannie \"flipped\" him all the way home after karate practice, to Howard telling the story of being picked on as a kid, to Fonzie trying to teach richie how to be tough (see above quotes). The episode ends with Richie comfronting his bullies at Arnolds, while continually stahling their fight to ask Fonzie for Advice...truly hillarious. My favorite part is where the bullies are not backing down to Richie\'s bluff and Fonzie says \"I forgot to mention one thing, you have no reputation for toughness...at one point in time you would have needed to have beaten someone up,\" and richie nervously says \"thats not a good thing to leave out fonz,\" Or when fonzie tells Richie to hit one of them when he is taking off his jacket..and Richie asks if that would work, and Fonzie says \"No, they are gonna kill you..but, at least you get in one good shot.\" And it goes on and on. If you see one episode of Happy days.....see this one.
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