Happy Days

Season 2 Episode 21

Richie's Flip Side

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 18, 1975 on ABC

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  • Richie becomes a disc jockey at a local radio station and ends up with an inflated ego.

    Richie enjoys his work at a local radio station but is not at all keen on stepping up into the limelight when the station owner tells him that he wants him to take a turn at being a disc jockey, but Richie has little choice and starts off in a less than spectacular fashion, however, when he finally gets the hang of it, he begins to really enjoy himself and finds that it's fun after all.

    The only trouble is, Richie's new status has gone very firmly to his head and his friends don't like what they see when his ego hits the roof!

    This is a funny one and has a good lesson in the price of fame and how it can affect friendships.
  • It's getting there.

    Towards the end of the second season Happy Days was finding its footing. The fifties obviously remained an important source for story lines. The rise of disk jockeys (despite their sometimes advanced age) proved to be a good plot opportunity. However, would Richie really be a good plate spinner? His change into an unbearable star seemed a bit far fetched. Certain secondary characters were really coming into their own. Joanie gets some of the best lines. Others, like Wendy, had nowhere to go. But the strangest thing about this episode is the rather heartless behaviour of the Fonz. I know he is supposed to be a tough guy, but his influence on the kids, who cowered in his presence, made him look less likeable. In certain episodes you could feel sorry for him, in others you'd root for him, here he is the original wild one.