Happy Days

Season 7 Episode 5

Richie's Job

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 09, 1979 on ABC

Episode Recap

It is Saturday morning, and Joanie is in her pajamas. Howard tells her to put her robe on. Marion goes to answer the door. It is Chachi who is doing some curls with a dumbbell. He has come to borrow Richie's barbell. Richie brings them down the stairs. Richie announces that he will be getting a part-time job to have some money of his own. Marion suggests he work at Howard's hardware store. Richie says that he wants to go out and get a job on his own. Richie is later seated at Arnold's when Ralph and Potsie come in wearing "Charlie Cardinal" outfits (the UWM mascot). Al asks them if they want two worms to go. Al gives Richie a classified ad from The Milwaukee Journal. Richie thinks this would be a perfect chance to get his foot in the door of the journalism business. Fonzie comes in with Candi and Randi (two blonde twins who are baton twirlers). Richie tells Fonzie about his job interview. Richie gets some tips from Fonzie in his office before he leaves. Richie is hired at The Milwaukee Journal loading newspapers. Richie talks to another loader, Frank, who says he doesn't like Richie. Richie starts at $2.25/hour which is the same wage Frank earns, and he has worked there for nearly three years. Otis, Richie's boss, leaves to go across the street to Akon's for a cold one. Frank gives Richie an apron. Richie, seeing a large pile of papers, asks Frank where the forklift is. Frank makes a forklift gesture with his arms and says, "here's your forklift." Some scenes of Richie carrying and loading newspapers are then shown to some background music. He also tries making his own hat with newspapers. Richie is exhausted at the end of the day and falls asleep on his car horn in the Cunningham driveway. Richie speaks "tired" to Fonzie at the house. The next day, Richie shows Frank a new system he's come up with that uses a master list for all delivery locations instead of a separate sheet for each location. Frank tells Richie again to not rock the boat and that he thinks Richie is trying to take his job. He chases Richie around with a hand truck. Ralph and Potsie visit Richie and ask him to sign their petition to get on the Cardinal Cub Squad. Frank gives Richie some more problems before Fonzie shows up. Fonzie explains to Richie why Frank probably doesn't want him to interfere with his job and change things around there. Otis takes a look at the master delivery list and asks who did it. Frank, thinking Otis was pleased, takes credit. Otis is very angry about it saying that information on the sheet has to go to different places in the building. Richie bails Frank out and takes credit for the sheet. Fonzie and Frank talk. Frank says that he has a '51 Chevy that needs a new fuel pump, but he is a little short (of money). Fonzie says they can work something out. Frank makes a paper hat for Richie as he's had trouble making his own since he's been there. Richie shows Howard his first real paycheck. Richie wants to take everyone out for dinner after Marion "forgets" to turn on the oven. Songs in this episode: replacement instrumental "The Great Pretender" by The Platters (1954) "I'm Walkin'" (instrumental) by Fats Domino (1957)
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