Happy Days

Season 5 Episode 26

Rules to Date By

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 23, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap

The band plays "Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen" at Arnold's as everyone dances. He pulls Joanie up on the stage and gives her a kiss. Al makes an announcement that Arnold's will be closed for two weeks as he is going to California to visit his cousin Josephine who introduced him to Rosa Coletti. Al tells them about the Blue Ox Inn, which is about 80 miles north, where Leather Tuscadero and the Suedes will be performing. Richie says the band will be backing Leather up. Ralph says Fonzie is taking Blossom, the bunny from Happy Harry's Hutch, to the Inn. Richie wants to dance with Lori Beth, but she is tired from dancing with other guys while the band was playing. Lori Beth tells Richie she has to go meet Herbie Ruth who broke up with her friend Belinda. Marion is reading a book called Feminine Mystique and talks to Joanie about women's rights. Joanie leaves as Richie comes in. Marion had talked to Lori Beth on the phone earlier, and she [Marion] thinks Richie is being a stinker for the way he treated her. Howard comes in asking for his dinner. Richie continues his talk with Marion and says Lori Beth doesn't have any time for him. After another comment about dinner, Marion tells Howard about all the work she does during the day. Marion and Howard go out to dinner. At Arnold's, Fonzie shows off his combination knife/fork/etc. Al is getting ready to close, and Lori Beth and Richie talk. Richie is angry with her for fraternizing with other guys. Lori Beth suggests that they break up, and Richie agrees. They agree to accompany each other to the Inn, however. At the Blue Ox Inn, Ralph, Potsie, and Chachi arrive with some of their equipment. Richie and Lori Beth come in followed by Fonzie and Blossom. Richie and Lori Beth are still bickering. Fonzie and Blossom go outside. Leather greets everybody and says she is doing the performance as a favor to Ma Hopkins who owns the place. Lori Beth helps a very tall man named Oaktree remove a splinter from his hand. Richie, again, becomes jealous. Later, Leather and the Suedes with the band perform "Johnny B. Goode." Richie's explains to Lori Beth that his car has broken down as he telephones for a tow truck. Lori Beth tells Richie to pretend that they're together before Oaktree comes in. Oaktree starts to carry Lori Beth off before Richie steps in to stop him. Fonzie arrives and breaks an ax handle on his knee. Instead of fighting, Fonzie brings Oaktree outside to show him some of nature's wonders. Oaktree brings in an icicle from outside. Richie and Lori Beth kiss and make up after a talk from Fonzie. Oaktree gives Fonzie an application for their annual Punch-in-the-Face Festival, but he crumples it up. Back at the Cunningham house, Joanie leaves to go to Jenny Piccalo's house. Howard and Marion go out for dessert. Songs in this episode: "Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen" (played by the band) by Neil Sedaka (1960) an unknown instrumental "Johnnie B. Goode" (played by Leather and the band) by Chuck Berry (1958)
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