Happy Days - Season 10

ABC (ended 1984)




Episode Guide

  • Affairs of the Heart
    Jenny dumps a nice guy to be with a former Olympic swimmer, but K. C. learns that the swimmer doesn't feel the same way about Jenny as she feels about him. Meanwhile, Fonzie wants to have a swimming pool put in the Cunninghams' backyard.
  • Turn Around and You're Home
    After deciding to quit the band, Joanie moves back in with Howard and Marion to enroll in a teaching program at the University of Wisconsin. Chachi tries to convince her to stay with him in Chicago after he isn't willing to go with her back to Milwaukee.
  • Babysitting
    Episode 20
    Fonzie babysits Heather when Ashley leaves for a tax seminar, but his attention is drawn away by a televised heavyweight title fight leaving Heather resentful toward him. Meanwhile, Joanie and Chachi return to Milwaukee after Joanie says she's sick.
  • May the Best Man Win
    Fonzie is the best man at the wedding of an old pal, but the bride-to-be stops the ceremony after spotting Fonzie. Meanwhile, K. C. awaits word about a part in the school musical.
  • Wild Blue Yonder
    Wild Blue Yonder
    Episode 18

    Fonzie and Roger miss their flight to Minneapolis for a teacher's convention, so they agree to go with Potsie's friend, Omar, who has a small plane he uses for crop dusting and spreading ashes. Omar jumps out when there is trouble with the engine leaving Fonzie and Roger by themselves with no parachutes.

  • I'm Not at Liberty
    I'm Not at Liberty
    Episode 17
    It's Heather's birthday, but Fonzie (along with Potsie and Roger) has to report for the Army reserves. He promises Heather that he will be at her party, but he didn't count on Officer Kirk being the commanding officer.
  • Nervous Romance
    Nervous Romance
    Episode 16
    During a celebration of Fonzie and Ashley's six-month anniversary of their first date, they recall the events of that evening.
  • Life Is More Important Than Show Business
    A record producer hears a demonstration tape of Joanie and Chachi and is eager to sign them. However, Chachi has an argument with Mario, a member of the band, and says they're breaking up.
  • Prisoner of Love
    Prisoner of Love
    Episode 14
    Fonzie hires a convict, via a work-release program, to be a mechanic at his garage. After the convict, Jim, sees K. C. perform a song at Arnold's, she invites him to dinner. Howard stops K. C. from seeing Jim after Fonzie informs him and Marion of Jim's felonious past.
  • I Drink, Therefore I Am
    Roger tries to convince Flip to stop drinking and hanging out with guys that do. Flip doesn't take his advice, and he and his friends accidentally hit Heather with their car. Meanwhile, Fonzie auditions barbers to replace his who recently died. Also, Jenny, K. C., Bobby, and Melvin are in charge of decorations for the Winter Carnival.moreless
  • Hello, Pfisters
    Hello, Pfisters
    Episode 12
    Ashley receives an invitation to her estranged parents' wedding anniversary party. She doesn't want to go, but Fonzie insists.
  • Since I Don't Have You
    Roger's old flame from his school days shows up, and Roger cannot resist her. Fonzie attempts to prevent her from breaking his heart again.
  • All I Want for Christmas
    When Heather asks Santa to patch up the rift between her mother and grandparents, Fonzie decides to make her wish come true. Meanwhile, K. C.'s parents visit for Christmas, and a rivalry between Howard and his brother reignites.
  • There's No Business Like No Business
    Facing competition from a hardware store at a new mall, Howard says he'll have to close Cunningham Hardware.
  • Such a Nice Girl
    Such a Nice Girl
    Episode 8
    Marion encourages K. C. to date, so she accepts an invitation to Arnold's Gala Costume Ball from Melvin Belvin.
  • Going Steady
    Going Steady
    Episode 7
    Fonzie pledges his love to Ashley but risks losing her when he allows an old girlfriend to spend the night at his apartment. Meanwhile, Howard teaches K. C. to drive.
  • Who Gives a Hootenanny
    Joanie and Chachi have the opportunity to appear on a television music show but learn that their format is folk. Meanwhile, Fonzie is upset that folk music seems to be replacing rock and roll.
  • A Little Case of Revenge
    Fonzie receives a good citizenship award from the Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce, but the ceremony is interrupted by a disgruntled childhood classmate of the Fonz who's been waiting 17 years for his revenge. They agree to settle their differences, but Ashley asks Fonzie to promise not to fight.
  • 10/26/82
    In an attempt to get Ashley's young daughter, Heather, to warm up to him, Fonzie takes her to the circus. Meanwhile, K. C., Howard's niece, moves in with Howard and Marion while her parents look for a new boarding school. Marion asks Howard to consider letting her stay permanently.
  • Empty Nest
    Empty Nest
    Episode 3
    Now that Joanie, Lori Beth, and Richie Jr. have left the Cunningham house, Marion looks to find ways to cope and occupy her time. Meanwhile, Fonzie isn't able to run Arnold's by himself in addition to his garage and teaching duties, so he looks to sell his half of Arnold's.
  • Letting Go
    Letting Go
    Episode 2
    Joanie and Chachi come back to Milwaukee after spending the summer in Chicago. Joanie wants to move there to be with Chachi and to continue their music career. After telling Howard and Marion her plans, which include attending Northwestern University, Howard refuses to let her go.
  • A Woman Not Under the Influence
    It's love at first sight for Fonzie when he sees a woman in a store as they pass each other on the escalator. Potsie happens to know who she is (Ashley Pfister), and Fonzie vows to find her and make her his.
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