Happy Days - Season 8

ABC (ended 1984)




Episode Guide

  • Joanie Gets Wheels
    Joanie Gets Wheels
    Episode 5
    Despite Howard's objection, Joanie decides to buy a car because she and Chachi are tired of having to double-date, and Chachi cannot afford to buy his own.
  • White Christmas
    White Christmas
    Episode 6
    On Christmas Eve, a terrible blizzard traps Howard and Joanie at the hardware store and Fonzie, Potsie, Chachi, Jenny, and Roger at Arnold's.
  • And the Winner Is
    And the Winner Is
    Episode 7
    Fonzie wants to win the "Teacher of the Year" award to spite a fellow teacher.
  • The Sixth Sense
    The Sixth Sense
    Episode 9
    Chachi tells Fonzie that his motorcycle has seen better days, but Fonzie refuses to junk it. He finally decides to get a new bike after crashing his old one but has to save his money a little longer. Joanie suggests to Chachi that they all pool their money with Fonzie's to surprise him with a new bike for his birthday. Meanwhile, Arnold's has a new cook, but Fonzie's sixth sense tells him that something isn't right about him.moreless
  • Scholarship
    Episode 18
    Desperate to get Chachi on the school's basketball team, a scout for Eastern Florida University offers him a scholarship and several other superfluous perks including a cheerleading scholarship for Joanie. Fonzie is extremely excited for Chachi, but Howard and Roger suspect that the scholarships are too good to be true.
  • No Tell Motel
    No Tell Motel
    Episode 1
    Howard feels that Joanie has been seeing too much of Chachi lately, so he offers her her own phone if she agrees not to see Chachi for two weeks. Joanie and Chachi sneak off to a concert in Chicago and have to stay in the same room, the honeymoon suite, at a motel because it is the only one left.moreless
  • Mother and Child Reunion
    Fonzie takes his auto shop class to an out-of-town junkyard and meets a waitress at a diner whom he thinks is his mother.
  • Hello, Mrs. Arcola
    Hello, Mrs. Arcola
    Episode 14
    Because she's never been to his house or met his mother, Joanie thinks that Chachi is ashamed of her. Fonzie invites the Cunninghams over to the Arcola's for dinner on Chachi's behalf. Fonzie surmizes that Chachi is embarrassed of his mother and uncle and of the fact that they're poor.
  • R. C. & L. B. Forever
    Richie and Lori Beth want to get married, but Lori Beth cannot go to Richie's base until they're already married. Roger suggests that they have a ceremony in which a proxy stands in for Richie because he can't be there in person. Fonzie volunteers to be the proxy.
  • Bride & Gloom
    Bride & Gloom
    Episode 13
    After Jenny's date dumps her before a big masquerade ball, Fonzie agrees to take her. They dress as a bride and groom and, as part of a talent portion of the party, have a make-believe wedding. However, since the captain of the boat performed the ceremony, the marriage may be legal. Roger believes they can get the marriage annulled if Jenny agrees to it, but, instead, she comes into Fonzie's apartment carrying suitcases.moreless
  • Live and Learn
    Live and Learn
    Episode 2
    Fonzie is given the job as teacher of auto mechanics at Jefferson High School. He gets frustrated when his students don't pick everything up as quickly as he did when he was a kid.
  • It Only Hurts When I Smile
    Fonzie comes down with a terrible toothache but refuses to see a dentist. Meanwhile, Howard is upset about Joanie's choice of attire for a wedding she's attending.
  • Broadway It's Not
    Broadway It's Not
    Episode 12
    Chachi becomes jealous after seeing a kissing scene involving Joanie and another actor during rehearsals for a school musical. Fonzie also considers quitting as director.
  • Tall Story
    Tall Story
    Episode 17
    Chachi discovers a great basketball player who recently transferred to Jefferson High. However, he initially holds back when performing for Roger and, suddenly, changes his mind about being on the team when his father orders him home in the middle of a practice.
  • Potsie on His Own
    Potsie on His Own
    Episode 16
    Potsie falls behind on his rent and is forced to move back in with his parents. However, after learning that Lori Beth's roommate likes men who live alone, Potsie has to stay in his apartment. He tells Fonzie that he can get quick cash but won't say how.
  • Dreams Can Come True
    Lori Beth receives a letter from Richie in which he proposes marriage. She has to go to Greenland for the wedding, but doesn't have the money to make the trip. Marion goes on a show called Dreams Can Come True in which three women tell their stories of tragedy. The winner has their dream come true, and Marion hopes she can win the money for Lori Beth.moreless
  • If You Knew Rosa
    If You Knew Rosa
    Episode 8
    Al announces that he's given up his search for Rosa Coletti, a woman with whom he was involved 20 years ago. However, he receives a letter from his mother saying that she's found Rosa and that she'll be coming to Arnold's next Saturday night.
  • Hello, Roger
    Hello, Roger
    Episode 4
    Roger Phillips, Marion's nephew, comes to Milwaukee to become an English teacher and the basketball coach at Jefferson High School. He gets off on the wrong foot with Fonzie after he inadvertently empties his locker, insults him, and crashes into his motorcycle.
  • Howard's Bowling Buddy
    Marion hurts her back before a big bowling game, but Howard finds a new partner in the lovely Fern Flagg. He had told Marion that she was an old spinster woman. Marion and Fern meet each other, and Marion is furious at Howard for lying to her about Fern's appearance. Meanwhile, Jenny receives a product in the mail called the Ajax Bust Builder.moreless
  • Fonzie Gets Shot
    Fonzie Gets Shot
    Episode 15
    Fonzie is shot, presumably by Potsie, during a weekend trip to Potsie's uncle's cabin. Fonzie, Chachi, and Roger each describe their versions of what happened.
  • Welcome to My Nightmare
    After a day of everyone asking favors of him, Fonzie has a nightmare about a mad scientist draining his cool.
  • American Musical
    American Musical
    Episode 22
    Chachi struggles with an essay on the causes, hardships, and influences of immigration until Fonzie tells him several stories in a series of musical vignettes.