Happy Days

Season 7 Episode 1

Shotgun Wedding

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 11, 1979 on ABC

Episode Recap

Everybody comes down the stairs with all of their luggage and equipment as they prepare to leave for three days. Richie and Lori Beth say goodbye to each other. The trip is to Lake Pinewood. Fonzie tells Richie about the Boompergaard Farm which is the home of Helga and Inga, two lonely farm girls with a strict father. At the lake, Richie is writing Lori Beth a letter as Howard and Marion go out fishing and Joanie looks for hunks. Fonzie shows Richie an aerial map of the Boompergaard Farm. Fonzie tells Richie about his plan to put on a pantomime cow suit to get to Helga and Inga. Fonzie puts on the head of the cow. Fonzie and Richie successfully make it to a barn. They use binoculars to look at the girls. At the girls' barn, Helga and Inga enter with their gun-toting father. Richie and Fonzie, who were hiding behind bails of hay, put on the cow suit again to escape and are chased by a charging bull. Laverne and Shirley carry them safely back to the cabin. They remove Fonzie's boots, and Shirley wraps Fonzie's ankle. Laverne and Shirley have come to the lake with Laverne's father for a vacation. They have no cabin, so Fonzie recommends Roscoe's Wigwam City. Laverne's hand gets tied to Fonzie's ankle. Fonzie and Richie meet Helga and Inga's father, Vernon Boompergaard. They pose as undercover FBI agents. Fonzie says that he's heard from President Kennedy that Vernon makes the best cheese in the entire state. Fonzie tells him to bring his cheese to Elmo's Gas Station in one hour for the President. Vernon leaves. Helga and Inga enter the barn, and Helga dances when Richie puts on some music. Fonzie kisses Helga, and Richie kisses Inga in the loft of the barn. Vernon shoots at a Tupperware salesman. Vernon catches Richie and Fonzie with his daughters and says they are going to marry them as a result. Fonzie says he is engaged to Laverne DeFazio and Richie to Shirley Feeney. Vernon sends Richie to get Laverne and Shirley as proof. Vernon gives him one hour to return, or it is curtains for Fonzie.

Syndicated Ending: Richie runs and tells Howard that Fonzie is in trouble, but Fonzie is right there and talks to Howard. Fonzie says he told Vernon that Ralph and Potsie (two rich doctors) would marry his daughters instead.

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