Happy Days

Season 11 Episode 13

Social Studies

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 1984 on ABC

Episode Recap

Howard and Marion are just about to sit on the couch when Joanie comes downstairs and asks how she looks. Marion says that she looks just wonderful. Joanie thinks that she doesn't look good, so she decides to change again. Howard stops her and says that she is only going out to play miniature golf. The doorbell rings. Joanie opens the door, and it's Chachi. Joanie asks Chachi what he's doing there. He says that everybody else was busy, so he decided to come over. Joanie says that she's going golfing. A car horn honks, and Joanie runs out the door. Marion asks if Chachi wants to join them (they are watching TV), and Chachi says he would. Fonzie comes in through the kitchen door to the living room and asks for oil because his bed is stuck in the middle position. Fonzie is wondering what Chachi is doing at the Cunninghams. He asks Chachi to come into the kitchen. Fonzie asks him when the last time was that he has been on a date, excluding Joanie, and Chachi replies that it has been four years. He also says that he can get a date anytime he wants. Fonzie tells Chachi to come to Arnold's at 8:00 and to bring a date. Chachi leaves, and Marion asks Fonzie if he would like to join them. He declines because his date is stuck in the bed. Fonzie leaves.

Chachi is sitting at Arnold's ripping paper. He decides to ask a girl at the next table if she would go out with him, but he's so nervous that he blows his chance. Fonzie comes to Arnold's. Chachi is banging his head on the counter. Fonzie asks where Chachi's date is, and he replies that she has jury duty. Fonzie and Chachi go into Fonzie's office. Fonzie tells the kid who is combing his hair to leave. Fonzie thinks that Chachi is afraid that girls are going to say "no" to him, and Chachi agrees. Fonzie says that Chachi doesn't have to ask girls out because he has the Fonzarelli power. Chachi asks how he can use it, and Fonzie says that it's just in him. Chachi and Fonzie return to the diner side of Arnolds. Chachi is leaning against the counter, and a girl comes up to him. The girl, who's name is Karen, asks him out. Chachi and Karen leave Arnold's. Chachi and Karen are in a car that has been parked, and they start to kiss.

The next day, at the Cunningham house, Joanie comes downstairs. She tells Marion that her date didn't go very well. Howard comes in through the kitchen door carrying paint buckets. Fonzie also comes in and asks if he can borrow some paint. All of the Cunninghams go upstairs. Fonzie stays and tries to find the right color. Chachi comes in and tells Fonzie that he had a really great night. Fonzie suggests he further test the waters and go out with other women. Chachi doesn't want to leave Karen.

At Arnold's, Chachi arrives with Bobby. Chachi goes to Karen's table and starts to tell her what they're going do that night. Karen says that he was fun, but she doesn't want to be tied down. She, then, dumps him and leaves Arnold's. Chachi tells Bobby that Karen would probably go out with any bozo that just asks her. Bobby runs after Karen. Fonzie comes out of his office. Chachi tells Fonzie that he has lost his power. Fonzie tells him that he never had it and that it's more of an attitude or a frame of mind. Chachi leaves Arnold's.

Chachi climbs up a ladder to Joanie's room. He tries to wake her up, but it is Howard who is sleeping in Joanie's bed. He starts to yell at Chachi, and Marion and Joanie come to the room. Howard thinks that Chachi and Joanie are going to elope, but Joanie says that they are not going to do that. Chachi tells Howard that he just wanted to talk to Joanie. Howard and Marion leave the room. Chachi and Joanie talk about their relationships. As a joke, they start to bounce up and down on the bed, and the springs make a screeching noise. Howard yells from the other room for them to get off of the bed. Chachi says he's off. Fonzie sticks his head in through the window and says "the man said 'now.'" Chachi leaves through the window.

Songs in this episode:

"I Get Around" by The Beach Boys (1964)

replacement instrumental

an unknown instrumental

"Heat Wave" (instrumental) by Martha And The Vandellas (1963)

"One Fine Day" (instrumental) by The Chiffons (1963)

replacement instrumental

replacement instrumental