Happy Days

Season 5 Episode 19

Spunkless Spunky

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap

Howard returns home with 100 pounds of potatoes after his physical and talks to Marion and Joanie. Howard says he's fine. Marion says Ben Wilson, their new neighbor, is going to drop by. Howard brings in more potatoes (he wants Marion to make potato salad for the Leopard Lodge picnic). Mr. Wilson brings in some petunias (with the roots still attached) and says that the Cunninghams' dog ripped them out of his garden. Fonzie's dog, Spunky runs in. Howard and Mr. Wilson get in a shouting match. Richie comes home and says he has a Moby Dick book report to do. Fonzie comes in and Howard tells him about Spunky. Fonzie talks to Spunky and says no television (Playhouse 90) for him. The guys throw a party for Spunky at Arnold's because he is very depressed. Al serves a chopped liver cake that Potsie eats but Spunky won't. Richie talks to Fonzie. Fonzie is afraid to take Spunky to the veterinarian because he fears something may be wrong with him. Back at the house, Joanie is on the phone with while Richie is expecting a call from the vet. Marion is working on the potato salad. The vet calls and gives Howard (who answers the phone) and then Fonzie the results. Spunky is fine physically, but his problem is mental. At Fonzie's apartment, Ralph tries to cheer Spunky up with a kitten puppet. Potsie has brought over some ink blots for the Rorschach test. Potsie tells Fonzie about a psychiatrist, Dr. Joyce Brothers, that lectured his class. He says he may be able to get her to stop by the house because he is assigned to drive her to the airport. Downstairs, Howard receives his lab tests, and he gets a clean bill of health. There is potato salad everywhere - including neighbors' houses. Fonzie comes in with Spunky. Potsie brings in Dr. Joyce Brothers. She tells Fonzie that someone there may be responsible for Spunky's depression. Everyone except Howard admits that it is their fault. Dr. Brothers recommends that Spunky go to the country for awhile to get away from urban life. Marion mentions Mrs. Willis who sends her poodle to a doggie dude ranch. Potsie and Dr. Brothers leave. In his apartment, Fonzie packs Spunky a bag while talking to Richie. They hear a scratch on the door, and Peaches (another dog) runs in followed by her owner, Ilene Wilson. Richie says they have a case of puppy love. Fonzie, Ilene, and the dogs leave to go up to Inspiration Point. Howard and the family carry in all of the leftover potato salad from the picnic. Songs in this episode: an unknown instrumental "Cry" (instrumental) by Johnnie Ray (1951)
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