Happy Days

Season 6 Episode 7

Sweet Sixteen

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap

In somewhat of a practice session, Potsie is singing, and Richie is playing the saxophone at Arnold's. Potsie calls Richie "Boots Randolph." Ralph comes in late and brings in a boombas. Marion and Joanie walk in and talk about Joanie's sweet-sixteen party. Marion asks her if she would rather have the party in the ballroom of the Pfister Hotel, but Joanie says she grew up at Arnold's. Joanie and Al say they are going with the "gay Paris" theme. Al says he is finished with an eight-foot ice carving of the Eiffel Tower, but Marion says the party isn't for five days. Joanie tells Marion that it is $12 per person. Ralph does the can-can with his new instrument, and everyone walks out. Marion is in the kitchen at the house with some gifts that have arrived for Joanie and tells Howard that they are from his cousins, the Nortons. Howard opens the back door and sees Joanie kissing a boy, Terrence "Tip" Corrigan - the star quarterback of Jefferson High's football team. Joanie is wearing Tip's lettermen sweater, and they kiss again before he leaves. Marion seems very concerned about Joanie's and Tip's relationship. Later, Fonzie comes in wearing some formal coveralls and tells Marion that he is getting an honorary degree from the Home Study School of Auto Repair. Fonzie tells her that he won't be able to make Joanie's party. Marion expresses her concerns about Joanie to Fonzie. Joanie talks to Tip on the phone in her room. Richie talks to Joanie and says that it is only a case of puppy love with Tip and to not fall too hard. At Arnold's, Joanie sees Tip with another girl telling her she is special and calling her "Rosebud" - just what he had said to Joanie. She confronts Tip, gives him back his sweater, and breaks up with him. Joanie is heartbroken and talks to Al about not having a date for her sweet-sixteen party. Back at the Cunningham house, Joanie comes down at night and tells Fonzie she doesn't have a date. Fonzie offers to take her, but she declines. The night of the party, Joanie says she isn't going. Marion has arranged a date for her, Burton Fitch, and he rings the doorbell. Burton brings Joanie some candy that he drops all over the floor. He gives her a corsage, and Howard takes a picture of them. Burton messes up the camera while taking a picture of the family. At Arnold's, the band plays "Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen." Burton talks to Joanie, and Tip walks into Arnold's offering to give Joanie a second chance. Burton escorts Tip out of the party. Joanie dances with Howard, and Burton dances with Marion as the band plays "Put Your Head On My Shoulder." In Joanie's room, Howard and Marion give Joanie their gift to her - a pearl necklace. Joanie receives a call from Jenny.

Songs in this episode:

unknown song (played briefly by Potsie and Richie)

replacement instrumental

"Are You Lonesome Tonight" by Elvis Presley (1960)

"Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen" (played by the band) by Neil Sedaka (1960)

"Put Your Head On My Shoulder" (played by the band) by Paul Anka (1959)