Happy Days

Season 11 Episode 2

The Ballad of Joanie and Chachi

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 1983 on ABC

Episode Recap

Everybody is dancing at Arnold's. Chachi talks with Tommy about Joanie being late. Tommy has to go because his girlfriend is waiting for him. Fonzie comes in wearing a pair of black paper glasses. Tommy asks if he had been to a 3-D movie, and Fonzie starts to explain that he was at the eye doctor getting drops in his eyes.

Meanwhile, Tommy leaves, and Chachi moves to the same spot that Tommy was standing at. Fonzie can't see very well because of the eye drops, and Chachi makes funny faces in front of Fonzie. Fonzie accidentally goes to the ladies bathroom and quickly comes back out. He, then, touches the male figure on the men's bathroom door just to make sure that he is going to the right place.

Joanie comes to Arnold's. Joanie and Chachi argue because Joanie was late. Then, they argue because Joanie can't come to Chachi's softball games anymore because of her classes. Joanie leaves angry. Fonzie comes out of the bathroom, and he mistakes somebody else for Chachi. When he finds out he's talking to the wrong person, he moves to the right table. Fonzie and Chachi talk about Joanie. Fonzie sees a woman and goes after her but accidentally puts his hand around a man's shoulders. Fonzie leaves Arnold's embarrassed.

Howard and Joanie are driving home, and Joanie is sad. Howard asks why, and they start to talk about Chachi. Tears welling in her eyes, Joanie decides to break up with Chachi.

The doorbell rings at the Cunninghams'. Marion opens the door, and it's Chachi. Chachi wants to talk to Howard, but, because he is not home, he decides to wait. While waiting, Chachi seems agitated and bounces the basketball he has with him on the floor. Marion, concerned about Chachi's apparent distress, tries to find out why Chachi needs to talk to Howard. Chachi decides to tell Marion that he "has" to marry Joanie. Marion goes crazy, but she is happy after he explains that he doesn't "have" to marry her but "wants" to.

Howard and Joanie come home. Chachi and Joanie want to talk, so Howard and Marion go upstairs. After a little conversation, they speak at the same time. Chachi says, "It's time we got married," and Joanie says "It's time we broke up." They are both startled into speechlessness.

Chachi and Fonzie talk about the situation at Arnold's. Chachi asks Fonzie for help. Fonzie thinks that Chachi should do something romantic. Chachi has doubts about Fonzie's forward, bold plan of action, but decides to try it.

Joanie is at one of her classes when, all of a sudden, Chachi comes swinging through the window on a rope wearing a weird pirate costume. The class laughs at him. Chachi is a tad embarrassed, but he gamely goes through with Fonzie's idea and raises Joanie onto his shoulder and tries to go back out through the window, but the teacher stops him and threatens to call the campus police.

Everybody except Chachi and Joanie leave the class since the class is over anyway. Chachi puts Joanie down from his shoulder. Joanie is a bit amused by Chachi's wackiness, but sadly says that the stunt isn't going to change anything, and Chachi decides to take off the pirate costume.

Underneath the costume is a tuxedo. They hug for awhile, but Joanie stops. Joanie wants to be Chachi's friend, but Chachi doesn't want that because he still loves her and fears that just being friends will drive them further apart. Heartbroken Chachi leaves the classroom after he reluctantly accepts that she no longer wants to be romantic, and Joanie starts to cry.

In tears also, Chachi goes back to Arnold's. Fonzie sees that Chachi is crying and tries to cheer his heartbroken cousin up, but to no avail; Chachi is just too sad to even manage a weak smile.

Joanie is at home talking to Howard and Marion about Chachi. The subject turns to Howard and Marion's engagement, and they start to argue. Joanie leaves quietly and goes upstairs. Howard and Marion kiss and make up.

Neither Chachi nor Joanie can stop crying until late into that night.

Songs in this episode:

"My Boyfriend's Back" by The Angels (1963)

an unknown instrumental

an unknown instrumental

an unknown instrumental

replacement instrumental

"Since I Fell For You" by Lenny Welch (1963)