Happy Days

Season 11 Episode 2

The Ballad of Joanie and Chachi

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 1983 on ABC

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  • Very upsetting!

    This is episode is where I draw the line with Happy Days! How could Joanie and Chachi ever break up! It was very upsetting and it has deeply affected me! Even though they do get back together by the end of the series, they should have never broken up in the first place! I am ashamed that the writers would have an episode as painful and heartbreaking as this one.
  • Joanie struggles with the fact her relationship with Chachi has lost its magic, and the two are moving in different directions.

    After having been through the mill with each other (not to mention a full season of "Joanie Loves Chachi"), Joanie struggles with the fact the magic is gone with Chachi. She is now taking her education as a teacher seriously, while Chachi is concerned with his softball games and her attendance therein. Joanie confides to her father that she gets an awful feeling in the pit of her stomach when she sees Chachi, as she knows they're only going to fight. She comes to the conclusion it's over for good. Chachi, on the other hand, rallies to win back her affections in the most grandiose manner possible - leading to an unexpected, emotional, and definitely unusual denouement for any Happy Days episode in its 11-season history.

    If I had to choose, The Ballad of Joanie and Chachi is the best, and most realistic episode dealing with romantic troubles of the "new" Happy Days (1980-1984). The writing is surprisingly deft, and there's no sugar-coated tying up of affairs in the final minutes. This is especially rare in an episode that doesn't end with the caption, "To Be Continued."

    There must be a reason this episode stays in my mind 25 years later, and I believe it's due to the heartfelt approach taken. Anyone who has been through the gut-wrenching end of a relationship where the magic has seemingly disappeared into the ether will relate strongly to this Happy Days outing.

    Where many of the episodes throughout the entire run of the series were somewhat superficial when attempting to deal with deeper issues (don't get me wrong; HD is my favorite show), this one is anything but. One scene were Howard is driving Joanie (while lamenting why he can never beat a particular traffic light before it turns red) at night, and she then bears her soul and weeps, knowing her relationship with Chachi is over is spot-on. It's so well-played one feels he or she's in the backseat observing a personal moment, and certainly not a sitcom. Otherwise haunting is the empty and dimly lit Arnold's diner when Chachi needs consoling from Fonzie. I never forget the perfect advice offered by a compassionate Winkler: "Right now, the pain is bigger than you are. But, every day, the pain will get a little bit smaller, until you are bigger than the pain."

    Please take a second look at this episode (if possible, as we are still far away from the DVD release of Season 11). Of all the 200 plus episodes he directed, I think there's a reason the great Jerry Paris picked this one in which to appear. If you've ever had your heart broken, and you're a Happy Days fan, you'll find a special place for this one. A real gem.
  • One Day You Will Be Bigger Than The Pain

    This episode makes me cry every time!!! The speech Fonzie gives at the end about being bigger than the pain is still the most amazing thing I've ever heard.
  • Heartfelt Episode

    A breakup results in Joania and Chachi getting their hearts broken. The spark of romance is gone. Their lives are going in different directions. Joanie leans on her parents after the breakup. My favorite scene is when Chachi turns to his cousin for emotional support. Chachi pretends that it's okay. But Fonzie and Chachi are family, Fonzie knows better. Chachi finally admits how much pain he is in. Well, Chachi has an amazing compassionate cousin who knows exactly what to say. Fonzie tells Chachi that it really hurts now, the hurt feels bigger than him, but each day, the pain will get less and less "until you are bigger than the This scene gave me chills because it's so true. The episode ends with a hilarious scene where Howard recounts when he broke off an engagement with Marion (without her knowledge of the event). This episode is amazing!