Happy Days

Season 1 Episode 14

The Best Man

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 1974 on ABC

Episode Recap

Howard brings his old army buddy, Fred Washington, home for a visit before Fred gets married. They have dinner, and Fred asks Howard to be his best man. Mrs. Finley comes to use the phone and meets Fred, who is black, in the kitchen. Marion says she thinks she may be prejudiced when she talks to Howard before they go to bed. Howard and Fred visit Mr. Davis, an undertaker who is Fred's future father-in-law, to discuss the wedding plans. Marion suggests they have the wedding at their house after Fred can't find anyplace else. Later that night, Officer Kincaid brings Fred to the door after he thinks he is a prowler. The next day, Reverend Dawson stops by as Richie and Fonzie are setting up chairs for the wedding. Marion, Richie, and Joanie try to entertain the guests after Fred gets pre-marital jitters and goes outside to shoot some baskets. Fred and Carol are eventually married. Mr. Davis and Marion play the piano after the ceremony, and Howard gives Fonzie $5 for moving the chairs out of the house.

Songs in this episode:

an unknown instrumental

an unknown Count Basie instrumental played by Marion

"Mona Lisa" (instrumental) by Nat King Cole played by Marion

an unknown instrumental played by Marion