Happy Days

Season 4 Episode 14

The Book of Records

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 18, 1977 on ABC

Episode Recap

Everyone is dancing at Arnold's, and Fonzie talks to his cousin, Angie, on the telephone. He tells him that he will be staying at the Cunningham's house. Al wants his name in the Magilla Book of Records and wants Fonzie to jump over 15 barrels. Fonzie says he's done with those types of stunts. Al agrees to give Angie a job as a busboy. After being told that he has a $100 publicity budget, Fonzie says that anyone that breaks a record gets $100. Angie works overtime to pay for some of the dishes he broke his first day on the job. Potsie tries to break the jumping jack record. The guys can't think of any records to break. Angie is very clumsy and breaks two more glasses. Al says Angie broke 38 plates and 14 glasses and dropped the cook's derby in the meat grinder. At the house, Angie eats dinner and goes upstairs to watch Kukla, Fran and Ollie. Joanie leaves to go to Jenny Piccalo's house. Richie comes in with a girl on his shoulders. The record for holding a person on someone's shoulders is six and a half hours. Fonzie asks Howard how he should tell Angie that he is fired without hurting him. Howard "agrees" to give him a job at Cunningham Hardware. Angie lost Howard's delivery truck. Elizabeth (the girl on Richie's shoulders) spotted the truck in front of Krepnic's (a delicatessen). Richie tries to swat a fly with a magazine, and Angie comes downstairs and grabs the fly with his hand. Richie suggests Angie catch quarters off his elbow because he has very fast hands. At Arnold's, a handstander (Bag) and the piggybackers (Richie and Elizabeth) are eliminated. Ralph blows a bubble-gum bubble, but it isn't big enough for the record. Angie practices in Fonzie's office. Potsie tries to hold the longest B-flat note while jumping on a pogo stick, but he sneezes and falls. Al's nose is measured, but Mr. Durante still holds the record. Al tries flipping pancakes for a record. Angie comes out of the restroom. He does 12 quarters, but the record is 39 held by a man in Topeka, Kansas. Angie does 20 and then 30. He is able to set a new record with 40 coins. At the house, Fonzie talks to Angie on the phone. Howard tries to do the quarter trick and fails, but Marion is able to do it. Songs in this episode: "Personality" by Lloyd Price (1959) "Tequila" by The Champs (1958) "Young Love" by Tab Hunter (1957)
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