Happy Days

Season 6 Episode 10

The Claw Meets the Fonz

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap

The band plays "Maybe Baby" at Arnold's. It is mid-afternoon, and Al comes out of a meeting with a Mr. Holloway. They discuss a business deal wherein Mr. Holloway suggests an Arnold's franchise. Mr. Holloway suggests calling the band the "Al-tones." Al gives Holloway a tour of the place. Fonzie comes out of his office while on the phone with a girl in Rome. Al and Mr. Holloway shake on a deal. Fonzie also had a call the day before from Rio de Janeiro. He wants his own page in the Magilla Book of Records: Fonzarelli: Around the World in 80 Chicks. Al tells the guys that Mr. Holloway wants to invest in Arnold's. Fonzie receives a call from the overseas operator. At the house, Howard shows the family a new item at his store: personalized door mats. Al comes in asking for Howard's advice. Howard says Al needs an accountant and a lawyer. Al and Mr. Holloway meet later at Arnold's, and Al says they should consult an accountant and a lawyer. Leo and the Claw (with an iron claw), Mr. Holloway's boys, walk in. The Claw smashes his claw through a serving tray. Later, Al has suitcases packed as Richie brings in a "Closed - For Sale by Owner" sign. Al explains to Richie that Holloway is a crook who wants to turn Arnold's into a booking joint. Fonzie wants to get the gang together to back up Al. At the house, Fonzie tells the gang about Mr. Holloway's history. Fonzie and Richie suggest they should make a show of force against the thugs with the hope that they'll back down. Ralph is scared, but Fonzie promises nothing will happen to him. At Arnold's, Mr. Holloway, backed by his goons, brings some papers for Al to sign that would turn over control of the drive-in. Al tells them that he already has a partner - "Mr. Big." The Claw smashes a napkin dispenser. The Undertaker (Potsie), Scarface (Ralph), Psycho Louis (Richie), and Mr. Big (Fonzie) arrive at Arnold's. After Ralph slaps Holloway in the face with a leather glove, Mr. Holloway says Mr. Big and his gang are too tough. They act as though they are leaving, but, instead, they turn out the lights. With the lights back on, the Claw knocks out some wood rails, and then Fonzie bends the Claw's claw. Joanie, Howard, and Marion arrive with some cops who take the bad guys away. They discuss what happened. Howard says it was wrong for them to take the law into their own hands and should have gone to the police. Marion rips off Richie's mustache.

Songs in this episode:

"Maybe Baby" (played by the band) by Buddy Holly And The Crickets (1958)

"Poison Ivy" by The Coasters (1959)

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