Happy Days

Season 2 Episode 14

The Cunningham Caper

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 1975 on ABC

Episode Recap

Marion brings some green-colored Jello upstairs to Richie's room. Richie is sick in the bed with the Asiatic flu, and he struggles to complete a jigsaw puzzle. Howard says they are supposed to go see Cinerama that night but decides to cancel their plans. Richie plays some basketball with balled-up paper and a trash basket in his room. Fonzie comes through the window and brings Confidential, Police Digest, and Playboy magazines. Fonzie borrows Richie's car to take his date, Yvette, to the drive-in. Potsie and Ralph bring over a French sun-bathing film, and Richie tries to convince the family to go see Cinerama. Richie calls Potsie and Ralph and tells them to come over to the house. He later goes downstairs and is surprised to see a burglar. Richie and the burglar talk, and they go into the dining room to get some silverware. The burglar hides out in the closet when Potsie and Ralph come. Richie gives Ralph and Potsie the film projector and tries to write out "HELP" on the door. Potsie guesses "HELF" instead. Ralph and Potsie come in and meet the burglar. The guys are locked in the bathroom and try to think of a way to escape. Ralph goes through a small window but is caught when he's afraid to jump out of a tree. Their next plan is to have Potsie make up an excuse for the burglar to open the door, spray him with shaving cream, and have Richie run for help. Of course, their plan fails miserably. Richie runs into the burglars legs, and Potsie shoots the shaving cream at himself. Finally, Fonzie comes over with a pizza he promised to get for Richie and locks the burglar in the closet with a chair. Potsie calls the police, and the guys eat the pizza.
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