Happy Days

Season 6 Episode 25

The Duel

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 1979 on ABC

Episode Recap

Marion is singing "Frere Jacques" in the Cunningham living room. Marion and Joanie talk about the French fencing champion who is coming to visit. He is touring the colleges and will be there for only two days. Richie brings Jacques Du Bois to the house to meet the family. Marion has prepared meat loaf for dinner and unscrews the cap from the wine bottle (Chateau Swenson from right there in Milwaukee). Jacques says he will skip dinner. At Arnold's, Richie tells Ralph and Potsie how fed up he is with Jacques. Jacques comes in, and they talk about his exhibition the next day. Fonzie and Al talk about his girls. Richie introduces Jacques to Fonzie. Jacques asks him if he's going to stick up a gas station. Richie says they should be cordial to Jacques because he's a guest in their country. Fonzie says he once dated a fencing teacher. Jacques is putting on an exhibition at the UWM gymnasium, and he asks Fonzie if he'd like to attend. Fonzie says he's going to put on an exhibition of his own and leaves with some girls. At the gymnasium, Richie introduces Jacques and UWM's current conference champion, who has won three consecutive titles, Georgie "Thrust and Perry" Smith. The referee is the president of the UWM fencing society, Fred Brill. Jacques defeats Georgie in a few seconds. Jacques laughs in Richie's face and makes fun of America. Richie calls him an obnoxious wimp. Jacques challenges Richie to a duel at 2:00 PM. Jacques cancels the duel after Richie apologizes. Jacques is rude to Joanie. Richie slaps him with the gloves, and the duel is on again. Chachi sells tickets for "the duel of the century." Fonzie asks Richie to see him in his office. Richie tells him that Jacques insulted America and Joanie and that he challenged Jacques to a duel. Fonzie says he has a black belt in fencing and wants to take Richie's place. Fonzie and Richie trade clothes. At the gym, Richie is in the crowd wearing Fonzie's leather jacket and motorcycle helmet. Al announces the combatants. Fonzie defeats Jacques in the first duel. Richie reveals himself, and Fonzie follows. Richie wants to take on Jacques, but since Jacques was challenged, he gets to choose the opponent. He chooses Fonzie. Jacques and Fonzie show off their fencing skills. If Fonzie wins the duel, he gets Jacques' family crest. If Jacques wins, he gets Paula Petrolunga. Jacques says "Uncle Sam" and is defeated. They all leave for Arnold's to celebrate. Back at the Cunningham house, Fonzie says that Jacques enjoyed the ride on his bike with Paula Petrolunga.

Songs in this episode:

replacement instrumental (heard twice)

"The Great Pretender" by The Platters (1954)
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