Happy Days

Season 6 Episode 12

The First Thanksgiving

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap

Everyone (including Potsie and Ralph) gathers at the Cunningham house to watch the Green Bay Packers football game on television on Thanksgiving Day. Fonzie asks how they can be watching a sporting event when there is a Shirley Temple movie on. Marion reads the menu for the Thanksgiving dinner, but everyone is glued to the TV. Marion turns it off after everyone ignores her. Ralph and Potsie leave to go to Potsie's parents' place. Marion complains that nobody has lifted a finger to help her all day. She says everybody has insulted the memory of their forefathers, the brave Pilgrims who began Thanksgiving Day. She begins to tell the story of the first Thanksgiving as a flashback sequence begins. Howard brings in a basket of apples and greets Marion. Howard is a blacksmith. Joanie comes down from her loft and kisses Howard. Howard says kissing is the tool of the devil. Marion says they should have a celebration of their first anniversary in the New World. She says they should call it Thanksgiving. Richie returns with some blueberries he found up on a hill. Joanie leaves for choir practice. Master Fonzie enters on his wooden bike flanked by two women whom he dismisses shortly after arriving. Fonzie gets a fire going in the fireplace by hitting the wall. Fonzie leaves. Howard disapproves of Fonzie's actions. He comments that they shouldn't be socializing with the Indians. At Arnold's, Ralph and Potsie (Bear Slayer and Wolfstalker) are trappers and trade pelts for a drink. Richie arrives and talks to Ralph and Potsie. Howard enters with Alfred's cooking pots that he has fixed. Fonzie comes in and kisses a woman. Howard says there are demons within him. Fonzie comes over and says that Ralph and Potsie are trading counterfeit wampum with the Indians. Fonzie brings some Indians in. Howard says that Fonzie has broken the law by bringing Indians into the compound. He has Potsie and Ralph put Fonzie into the stocks. Later, Joanie, with the help of Howard and Marion, enters with a trap on her foot. It's one of Potsie and Ralph's, but they don't know how to open it. Fonzie agress to unlock the trap if he is released from the stocks, and the Indians are allowed to go in peace. He releases himself from the stocks and opens the trap on Joanie's foot. Fonzie tells everybody that the Indians are not savages. Howard offers to invite the Indians to their Thanksgiving feast. Potsie and Ralph bring a bucket of chicken from the "Plymouth Colonel" to the dinner and Al brings the cider. Fonzie and his Indian friends arrive. They bring a kazuga (turkey). The Indians sit on the floor as Richie says the Thanksgiving prayer. Back in real time, Marion finishes her story. Marion is thankful for her blessings. The family toasts Marion. As dinner concludes, everyone except Marion clears the table and takes care of all the cleaning. Marion sits down to watch Heidi, but quickly gets up when she hears something shatter in the kitchen.